After 1 year

After 1 year

Wow, bought a model 3 1 year ago... couldn't be happier, best purchase i ever made... Am 58 years old and need some help from my fellow Americans that as Millenials are a lot more knowledgeable than me on a lot of these topics...
1. should I keep premium sound at 9.99 a month package, i need to learn how to do the whole podcast deal..
2. Do I need to add Slacker on top of that?
3. Have had my girl hit twice (none my fault) How do you figure loss of value after a second hit? 1st hit repaired fine 22.000k estimate paid, second 12k not repaired yet no insurance check yet..
4. What routine maintenance is needed after one year and 12000 miles.


Elusivejeep | 2019年12月17日

1. Keep the premium. the google maps are worth it by themselves.
2. I don't need slacker, I can access everything I want without it
3. you have had $34k in repairs!?!?
4. zero maintenance at one year.

jebinc | 2019年12月17日


1. Consider using your phone as a Hotspot, if you have a real unlimited data plan - skipping the $10/mo Tesla offering
2. Don't need Slacker
3. If CARFAX lists these accidents, plan on keeping the car for a very long time, or taking a very cold bath if trading it
4. Tire rotation, perhaps?

andy.connor.e | 2019年12月17日

I've been told that the difference between 1 and 2 accidents is extremely minor.

The significance is really between 0 and 1 accidents.

Pg3ibew | 2019年12月17日

Hot damn, friggin awesome. Enjoy!!!!