Stop sign, stoplights and pavement markings not showing in the new update

Stop sign, stoplights and pavement markings not showing in the new update

I updated yesterday I see new games added and voice commands work but I saw so many stop signs trash cans and etc, none of them showed up not even once! Is this a HW thing? I bought my car on September 30.

teslamazing | 2019年12月25日

Need HW3. There’s tons of threads on the first page or could’ve just google simply and got an answer. Did u miss them ?

Sarah R | 2019年12月25日

You need HW3, and then you need to go to the Autopilot settings screen to enable FSD Preview visualizations

WW_spb | 2019年12月25日

Works for me. Hw3

WW_spb | 2019年12月25日

Yeah, Sarah is always right

n7vdr1 | 2019年12月25日

september 30 2019 would have hw3

teslamazing | 2019年12月25日

This right here is key.

“you need to go to the Autopilot settings screen to enable FSD Preview visualizations”

amirhnaimi | 2019年12月25日

Ok I’ll go check settings and will update here.

Yeah that’s what I’m saying. I believe my car built in late August.

GrumpyinAZ | 2019年12月25日

Hmmm.... My M3 was built in July, '19: HW3. I have FSD at the latest level (just checked after charging this AM: "Software is up to date". Release notes tell me that Autosteer has been updated so that it will warn me if I'm about to run a stop sign or light. I've never seen a stop light or stop sign displayed.

I checked the Autopilot settings: nothing says anything about FSD Preview visualizations.

Does anybody have any ideas? I have only one: I'm in Arizona: does state law prevent me from using that portion of Autopilot/Autosteer?

stingray.don | 2019年12月25日


You need 2019.40.50.1

GrumpyinAZ | 2019年12月25日

AHA! The missing piece! Not there yet. I'm signed up for early releases, so the update should be coming in the next couple of days. Christmas comes late this year!


BuffaloBillsFan | 2019年12月25日

I first turned on the visualization when I was in “easy exit” driver profile. I was confused why is wasn’t working . . . When I turned visualization on in my own profile, it worked just fine. Go figure . . .

amirhnaimi | 2019年12月25日

I just turned it on in the Autopilot settings. But I didn’t drive so I assume it’s gonna work as videos I’ve seen.

tdwin2000 | 2019年12月25日

You would think since it's only visualizations of FSD that Tesla would make THOSE available to HW 2.5 and HW 3 so that people on the fence about what it looks like would get a taste of FSD visuals and maybe decide to do the upgrade. I guess it DOES work for HW 3 people with or without the FSD option so at least they can decide to upgrade or not. I'm LOVING that I can watch my YoutubeTV live on the center screen now. Live TV in my Tesla...awesome. And, I've only got HW 2.5

stingray.don | 2019年12月25日


I think it is reasonable to assume that it is an issue of capability rather than a decision not to make visualizations available to HW2.5.

jmccpa | 2019年12月25日

LR RWD 19 NO FSD but shows on app as an eligible option for $7k-. Traffic lights, stop signs and traffic cones showing up fine. Did not show RR crossing.

Voice commands work reasonably well today - poor last night.

Impressed - but not to the point where I should spend the $7k for the FSD option. Adaptive auto pilot and auto steer are enough for me at 80 years old. After several Lexus's and Mercedes, my Telsa 3 is the finest and most enjoyable car ever.

tdwin2000 | 2019年12月25日

I agree with you jmccpa about it being the best car ever. I had a couple Audi A6's over the years and a Lexus that I had since 2011 that I sold before I got the Model 3 in August of 2018. No other car on the planet gets better with time other than a Tesla. And, although the mainstream car companies are coming out with some EV's, they really need to set up a new company if they want to do it correctly. Like how Lexus is an upper division of Toyota. A separate entity company of GM or VW rather than just making them alongside their gas powered fleet.

amirhnaimi | 2019年12月26日

After I turned it on under Autopilot settings, it worked fine. I was amazed by the accuracy of it! I bet there's no other car on the planet that shows the surrounding world such precisely.

@jmccpa I highly recommend it to you to get it! I was a fence sitter and I bought it before educate myself abou t it accidentaly! I did not regret it whatsoever so far!

smart summon, sounds like not very neccessary but it is neccessary for me and I use it all the time and it never gets old!
Lane changing, same as above, you wont feel it how much is needed before purchase but after you use it, there is no way for you to go back on regular autopilot
Noa, super neccessary.

Devilstower | 2019年12月26日

In passing a railroad crossing, I got the flashing light shown as a stoplight -- with nothing lit -- and a stop sign at the top of a raised gate appeared, but weirdly seemed to be interpreted as being in the distance.

Smalm | 2019年12月26日

Hmmm @jmccpa seems to indicate FSD is not a requirement for visualizations and only HW3 is required. My SR+ was made and delivered in June, and I was told it has HW3, but after receiving 50.1, no toggle in auto-pilot screen. Haven’t driven by any cones so not sure about that. Now wondering if I somehow only got 2.5 in my car. Too bad no easy way to confirm.

id_auction | 2019年12月28日

So when HW2.5 able to utilize the new visualization feature?

stingray.don | 2019年12月29日

id_auction | December 28, 2019
So when HW2.5 able to utilize the new visualization feature?

After you purchase FSD and have HW3 installed

r34vspec | 2019年12月31日

can someone show me a screenshot of where in the Autopilot menu I can turn the FSD preview on? I have a model 3 manufactured on 4.19 (i am not sure if that made the HW3 cutoff). But I don't see an option to turn it on. Have latest software.

Thank you,

apodbdrs | 2020年1月1日

Tap car icon on the bottom left
> Quick Controls
> Auto Pilot
Slide the screen up until you see CUSTOMIZE NAVIGATION ON AUTO PILOT
{Enable} FULLSelf-Driving Visualiztion Preview

afzal72 | 2020年1月2日

I have a two car garage and shelves inside it makes parking two cars almost impossible. I need the power of shrinking myself to be able to get out of the car after parking. With summon I don't need to worry at all. works like a charm. I stand on the driveway while the car is being parked inside the garage.

Effopec | 2020年1月2日

I assume the option to select "FSD Preview visualizations" is only there if you have the FSD computer? I have FSD (well, paid for it) but have HW 2.5, no option for me.

virgored | 2020年1月3日

Am I right in thinking that you only see FSD Visualisations if you have bought FSD?
In the UK Duel Motors, Long Range, HW3, Firmware version 2019.40.50.1
Cannot see it in AutoPilot screen

EVRider | 2020年1月3日

@virgored: In the US even people who don’t have FSD are seeing the new visualizations. Perhaps they’re not available in the UK yet?

Also, when was your car built? Some cars were built with HW2.5 even after Tesla had announced they had transitioned to HW3. See this thread in General for details:

M3phan | 2020年1月3日

To see the preview your car needs HW3.

swisspass | 2020年1月5日

Can you have HW3 upgraded to your car? (I purchased mine in September 2018)

virgored | 2020年1月5日

All Tesla Model 3 cars in the UK have Hardware 3 (HW3)
Just been told by the showroom folk in Kent that visualiations are determined by the VIN number
So I should be getting them at some point

EVRider | 2020年1月5日

@swisspass: That's been answered several times in this thread, but everyone who buys FSD will get a free upgrade to HW3. It isn't known if that will ever be an upgrade option for anyone else.

sherylh | 2020年1月5日

If FSD and HW3 are only available to those who opted for self-drive vehicle (right?), then are the following only available to those as well?
1. Dashcam
2. 6-view
3. Driving visualization
4. Voice commands?
Manual is very sparse on info here.

EVRider | 2020年1月5日

@sherylh: I don't know what you mean by 6-view, but the other features you list are available without FSD or HW3. The visualization with HW3 shows more objects, including traffic cones, traffic lights, and stop signs, but all cars have visualization.

Dashcam requires HW2.5 or later, which all Model 3's have, but some Model S/X cars don't.

tortlip | 2020年1月7日

Who thinks the 2,000.00 power boost is worth doing?

EVRider | 2020年1月7日

@tortlip: This isn’t the right thread to ask that question. There are others dedicated to that topic. This article will help you find them:

revmusic94 | 2020年1月13日

I bought my car back in 2018 I am assuming that it has HW 2.5. In the app Under my upgrades and purchased it says that I did get Full self-driving. How do I go about getting HW 3 and get those settings?

stingray.don | 2020年1月14日

Tesla will contact you when your VIN comes up for HW3 replacement.

DermMD | 2020年1月15日

This forum is always very helpful. Thanks people.
I have every prerequisite for FSD visualization and was wondering why I'm not seeing it. Lo and behold someone stated above what I think was my error. I believe I allowed FSD while in the easy exit setting and not my personal profile. I did this in my garage with the door open and reaching in for the screen and not seated in the car and therefore unlikely to be my personal profile. Will check later.

georgeterri | 2020年1月19日

So I am not seeing it either. Car built in August 2019 with FSD. I have all the other updates, December 24, 2019, except visualization. Is this being rolled out in waves as another update?

EVRider | 2020年1月19日

@george: Which software version do you have? “I have all the other updates” doesn’t really mean anything. If you have version 40.50.x, did you enable the FSD Visualization Preview setting under Controls > Autopilot? Do you see traffic cones?

Some cars built after Tesla introduced HW3 were actually built with HW2.5, so if everything else looks right, that could be your issue.

normwiens | 2020年1月19日

What is the status of FSD visualization in Canada?

fyeskel | 2020年2月5日

Like many posters here I was puzzled about not seeing FSD visualization option (nor any actual visualizations of stop signs, traffic lights, etc.) after applying recent sw updates to my M3 built and purchased in Sept. 2019. A bit of searching turned up a way to check Autopilot HW level. Under main menu go to Software, under VIN number display click on "additional vehicle information". Third line of resulting dialog for me says: "Autopilot computer: 2.5 ..." I assume this means I need an upgrade to my Autopilot HW to level 3. I setup mobile service appointment at my home and am waiting for human service tech to confirm. Will update this post when that happens. .

stingray.don | 2020年2月6日

See release notes for 2020.4.1

jc691120 | 2020年2月16日

I just took the delivery on my M3 LR AWD yesterday, 2/15/2020. Software version 10.1 (2019.35.106 f83b666). it says software is up to date. I too did not see the traffic lights and stop signs, but it did see the cones. and no Autopilot computer info is displayed as fyeskel suggested. Strange?

DiminishedSeventh | 2020年2月16日

@jc69112 you need firmware 2019.40.50 or newer. You’ll just have to wait until your VIN gets added to the update list. Once you get the update, make sure you enable to setting and you should be good to go! Waiting for the first update is the worst! Like watching paint dry lol. Congrats on the new car and welcome to the club!

DiminishedSeventh | 2020年2月16日

@jc69112 sorry just reread my post and I guess I should elaborate. When you purchase a new Tesla, you’re usually a couple firmware versions behind. I think you’re about 15 updates behind. It takes a while for your VIN to get added into the system once it is sold. All you can do is switch on “advanced” updates and wait!

DiminishedSeventh | 2020年2月16日

And sorry for butchering your call sign lol. @jc691120. 1 for 3 isn’t bad... :)

jc691120 | 2020年2月16日

@DiminishedSeventh, no worries, thanks for the tips. BTW, I was told my delivery delayed for a week because of the firmware update, I guess Tesla is really lacking on this.

DiminishedSeventh | 2020年2月16日

They told you your delivery was delayed because your vehicle was waiting for a firmware update?! What BS. Just goes to show you, even the people that work at Tesla don’t know what they’re talking about most of the time.

The first one is the worst (as far as waiting goes). After that you should get subsequent updates within a few days of release. Google teslafi firmware tracker to see what firmware a majority of reporting vehicles are on.

marc | 2020年2月22日

Hi, i have version 2020.4.1, and when i check the sys info, i see Full self driving computer as hardware. And yet I do not see any traffic lights. I do not have the option FSD visualization.
I also think that the car does not read and computes speed signs, but relays on maps info to define max speed. Is this due to european regulations? Any one knows? Tesla support here not very helpfull