SSD for Dashcam/sentry storage

SSD for Dashcam/sentry storage

I am trying to use a portable (2TB WD Elements) SSD drive to store dashcam videos. I followed the instructions of formatting the drive as a FAT32 and created a folder from root folder called TeslaCam, but the I connect it to the USB port in the car I see a message stating that the format cannot be read. Any suggestions?


EVRider | 2019年12月27日

Maybe you didn't actually format as FAT32. See this helpful TeslaTap site for info:

lilbean | 2019年12月27日

I thought exFAT would be ok but it wasn’t so I downloaded software to be able to format to FAT32. | 2019年12月27日

@EVRider - thanks for the plug!

@alonsoencinci - Here's my step-by-step guide for Windows and the Mac with screen shots:

You can't use Windows built-in formatter. It doesn't handle FAT32 above 32GB.

mbirnie51 | 2020年1月1日

I'm running 2019.40.2.1 on an AP2 and HW2 Model X (built March of 2017). Am I able to use the flash stick?? My understanding is my hardware to too old.

EVRider | 2020年1月1日

@MHB: Your understanding is correct, HW2 does not support dashcam recording.

jrweiss98020 | 2020年1月1日

I had a similar problem. I tried an SSD attached to a USB-SATA adapter. It didn't work.

The best solution I could find was a Samsung Bar: