$500k prize to pwn a Model 3

$500k prize to pwn a Model 3

Can You Hack A Tesla Model 3? $500,000 Says That You Can’t

An additional prize for hacking a Model 3 is a Model 3. Congrats!?

TranzNDance | 2020年1月10日

Owners CAN flag referral spam. I hope so!

billtphotoman | 2020年1月10日

This is a pretty cost effective way for Tesla to improve the security of their cars.

BadgerErickson | 2020年1月10日

NDance, I believe you can flag off everything you want to!

I'm directing folks to order a Tesla, not Viagara from Shanghai......, but they kinda have the same effect don't your CybrTrk think?

Yeah, I thought so.....;-) | 2020年1月10日

Referral spam flagged.

BadgerErickson | 2020年1月10日

Well, you'll have to go through the entirety of the forums if it bothers you that much, they are everywhere. Specific threads I wrong?

What is my violation in promoting Tesla orders??

andy.connor.e | 2020年1月10日

referral flagged.

If im not mistaken, this isnt the first time Tesla has given some significant compensation to anyone who can hack their cars. This is probably the best method so that way anyone who is good can give it a shot. And it makes people really want to do it, its half a mil yo.

BadgerErickson | 2020年1月10日

Flaggers flagged for harassing referrerrs! Ha!

Hack away! | 2020年1月10日

@BadgerErickson - You seem to be new to the forums. Not only is spamming the forum with your referral code in bad taste, it actually is against Tesla's policy, although they rarely ban people because of it. Imagine if all 500,000+ owners posted their referral codes in the forums - there would be nothing but referrals.

BadgerErickson | 2020年1月10日

Yes TT, my ID is new to the Forums as we only just committed to a Tesla. Does it mean that WE did not EXIST before joining this forum, as people deserving rights and respect? Does ONLY membership here mean we were able to read the Forums and learn about the vehicles?

Bad Taste? So, ALLLL those threads I've seen for YEARS which HAVE peoples' referral codes IN THEM, are what? We're all just lacking your fashion sense?

Mike, Val, and a guy named Roland who just ordered Tesla vehicles on my referral code: I don't know you, BUT the Tesla Community has told you to piss off, and go buy something else as I guess THESE people represent the Tesla Factories and employees.

Porsche, Rivian, the Ford Mach-E I guess. We'll just flush it all. BTW-Where's the stated Policy my self and all others are violating?

BadgerErickson | 2020年1月10日

TeslaTap dot com; as you actually, I'm guessing, run and own the website business with the same name, isn't using that business name as an ID a form of ADVERTISING in every single post you make; SPAM?

" Messaging spam, spam targeting users of instant messaging (IM) services, sms or private messages within websites" --Wikipedia The only people I'd be targeting are Tesla customers, if they WANT to be AND IF they wanted to use the referral code. I'm not using IM, PM, or DMs.

Where's the policy I'm violating? I've looked and cannot locate it.

andy.connor.e | 2020年1月10日

Respect is earned, and is not a right.

But i'll just tell you that losing your cool at people like this wont earn you any respect.

NKYTA | 2020年1月10日

"a form of ADVERTISING"

TT's site doesn't have ads. And it is all about helping people with information about Tesla.

BadgerErickson | 2020年1月10日

It's a business, plain and simple, being advertised here as a dot com in their ID.

I haven't lost my cool. Nobody has shown me this alleged policy I'm violating; just more of that weird bullying and harassing BS, for what? LOL! Selling cars?!

Respect for what? Asking where the Policy is, and why others are allowed to advertise their Business in an ID name-actual spamming? I love it!

You actually HAVE 'bot spammers in here, everywhere, and you want to STOP the referral process of SELLING Tesla cars?!? For ego? OMG, this is just too precious!

andy.connor.e | 2020年1月10日

You're asking questions and then throwing in your 2-cents before anyone can respond. No one is going to take someone like you seriously, nor have any respect for you.

"Yes TT, my ID is new to the Forums as we only just committed to a Tesla. Does it mean that WE did not EXIST before joining this forum, as people deserving rights and respect?"

No you do not deserve respect. You earn it. I said it once, i've said it again. Its on you bro.

andy.connor.e | 2020年1月10日

You can choose to articulate yourself as someone who is respectful, or you can behave like you have been. I can tell you from more than 3 years experience on these forums, and in my life, that if you choose the latter you will probably be disappointed.

BadgerErickson | 2020年1月11日

Yo bro, NObody is looking for your respect.

NObody is looking to you for life advice.

NObody has ANY expectations from you here as a self-appointed moderator! LOL!

andy.connor.e | 2020年1月11日

you're the one that said it

"Yes TT, my ID is new to the Forums as we only just committed to a Tesla. Does it mean that WE did not EXIST before joining this forum, as people deserving rights and respect?"