So Who Switched From a Model S to a Model 3?

So Who Switched From a Model S to a Model 3?

Are you happy? Do you miss the S? Would you go back to an S? Do you like the 3 better? Why? Any thing else you want to add?

EVRider | 2020年1月13日
Anthony J. Parisio | 2020年1月13日

Thank you.

PagemakersS75 | 2020年1月14日

I’m in the process of moving from S to 3.

1) Here in the U.K. the 3 is more expensive to insure!

EVfamilyGrins | 2020年1月14日

I have a MS 100D and the wife has a M3 AWD LR. A few observations not covered in the above threads: my wife and son find the M3 seats more comfortable and the seat heaters are stronger in the M3. Biggest complaint about M3 is the turn signal. I prefer the MS and she loves her M3! Its a personal choice, they are both great.

nvjx | 2020年1月14日

I was one of the first t buy a P 85 in OCT 2012 and had it until FEB 2018 when I picked up my M 3. I loved my S but I love my 3 a lot more. A lot more fun to drive and nimble.

ggodefroid | 2020年1月14日

S 2015; X 2017; 3 2019; loved them all, but the 3 is the best

ellcyc | 2020年1月14日

S was super cool as a pioneering example of technology, but on some level it always felt like driving my parents' Lexus. The 3 feels like my car. It is fun in a way the S never was. Agree the turn signal is annoying but at the same time the actual tactile feeling of it is really nice, so it becomes part of the fun of driving, kind of like a manual transmission for turn signals.

2015P90DI | 2020年1月15日

I did. Within a week, couldn't wait to get out of the Model 3 and back to a Model S. I held out only because at the time, supposedly, a complete refresh of the Model S was imminent. Once Elon announced no major refresh was coming, I placed my order for the Model S. Was really a no-brainer for me. The price on the MS dropped by around $20,000 for the configuration I wanted, plus got free supercharging. Add to that, the Raven version was released. Went from 300 miles in range to 370. Got my air suspension back, which was nearly worth it alone. From the stiff ride of the M3 to the air ride of the MS' new adaptive air suspension. The Raven is far more efficient than the prior MS and basically uses the same wh/mi that i did with my M3. Missed my simple entry door handles. Interior is SO much quieter in the MS. I genuinely find myself less stressed when I get home after driving the MS than I did with the loud, rough ride M3. New MS seats are far more comfortable. Love the auto hatch versus manual trunk as well. LOVE having full use of the center screen, thus not losing 1/3 of the screen to driver info that is on the gauge cluster in the S. I personally love the vertical layout. So much easier to see the whole screen. Always struggled to drive and see info at the right edge of the M3 screen. The two extra steering wheel buttons and one extra stalk, along with the well integrated glove box button in the MS are also VERY, VERY much appreciated by me.

Of course, all of the above is personal preference. The MS is more money, but after my experiment with the M3, I now totally understand the value difference between the two. There's a reason the MS is more money and was worth every penny to me.

I thought I would like the Model Y, but then realized that everything I hated about the M3 will be present on the MY. Some vehicle, but bigger. So, that's not an option for me. Each owner just has to decide what's important to them and if the savings are worth the sacrifices.

NorthValley | 2020年1月15日

I have never owned an S but I had one for a 3 day loaner. Personally, I thought it was like driving a boat compared to the 3. It's a lovely looking car but doesn't handle anywhere near as well as my 3. Sure the ride is 'harder' on a 3 but I like to feel connected to the road and not separated from it. The 3 interior just looks a whole lot more modern than the S too, which looks more like a traditional car. I was skeptical at first but get it now. Would I hand in my 3P+ for a P100D? Yes, then sell the S and buy another 3P+ for me and an SR for my wife!!!

George with SacEV | 2020年1月15日

I had first a 2013 Model S 85 then a 2015 Model S P85D upgraded to Ludicrous. Now a 2018 Model 3 Performance. I totally enjoy the responsive handling and lighter "feel" of the Model 3, but MISS the direct display of driver info in front of me and the HEATED steering wheel along with the power hatch as noted above. Oh, and the AIR SUSPENSION. I also miss that extra KICK in the butt when jumping on the go pedal as the Model S in Performance option is simply quicker too. I don't miss the extra mass and size AT ALL.

ODWms | 2020年1月16日

It’s probably going to come down to what kind of cars folks went for before their Teslas. People who have driven and prefer bigger, “floaty” type, luxury rides will probably like the S better. And many of those who have an affinity for handling, performance, and the attendant tighter nuances associated with those qualities will probably more naturally go for the 3. Both are performance cars, no doubt. But in different ways. Those differences are going to appeal to those respective demographics much in the way BMW owners prefer, for instance, either their 3 series or 7 series sedans. Two different markets.