Feature request

Feature request


How do we do a feature request?

Like, will be nice to have an option for humide weather to avoid mist in the windshield. When setting up "auto" air is recycled. In winter here we cary lot of snow into the car (under ths shoes) and therefore it's very humide and we have to manually re-mist the windshield every 10 minutes. Might be nice to have an option to do alternate de-mist still in auto mode...

etc. ;)



jordanrichard | 2020年1月15日

So that would require a barometer in the car that is connected to the car's computer. In other words, not happening via an OTA update.

dougk71 | 2020年1月16日

A barometer registers air pressure. Air pressure is a parameter in calculating humidity but it is one of humidity can be measured directly...anyway it is correct that a humidistat is hardware and not software. Misting of the windshield can be detected with the cameras and periodic automatic demisting could be done with software

EVRider | 2020年1月16日

@Jean-Marc: To submit a feature request, contact Tesla directly using the Contact link below. Tesla doesn’t officially monitor these forums.

Mathew98 | 2020年1月16日

Earlier models do no have cameras.

Mathew98 | 2020年1月16日

Do not

Jean-Marc | 2020年1月16日

@EVRider thanks. I will do that.

I don'T need any other sensor. Just a button so say "alternate". Which can even be a slider where I can say between 0% (all inside air) and 100% (all outiside air). This can be done 100% OTA.

sentabo | 2020年1月16日

You can also go here, then sign up and add any suggestions you may have:

ragweed | 2020年1月16日

A feature request: iTunes streaming.

rcdxmlt-weareha... | 2020年1月16日


jimktrains | 2020年1月17日

When listening to the radio, display the song playing and artist. This is available on many other cars. Would also like the ability to give the station names instead of just the frequency number. I bought a used Telsa and one station shows a graphic for a station that is not the one I am listening to. I would like to be able to change it.

jordanrichard | 2020年1月18日

jimktrains, there are also a lot of features on Teslas that are not on many other cars......

I personally never understood the need to have album art when a song is playing.

jimglas | 2020年1月18日

submarine mode
I want submarine mode

DRFLGD | 2020年1月18日

I want a force field.

AIA304 | 2020年1月18日

Add “Service Appointment” app in car, when ‘12v needs service’ error comes up, it allows me to pick the open times for SC appointment via link to local service center server.

nbrianjohnston | 2020年1月19日

Automatic volume leveling based on speed and ambient noise.

Bighorn | 2020年1月19日

Musk was looking for suggestions yesterday.

gregmiller1817 | 2020年1月19日

Legacy FSD retrofit kits. I'm willing to pay for the FSD hardware and software upgrade kit myself (2014 P85+). I love my car. Eventually, would love Tesla retrofit kits for all cars to one standard FSD. Imagine how it would simplify updates! Imagine, software and hardware updates.... Imagine, the universal Tesla wiring harness and operating standard backbone..... Transportable to any EV.... With individual fully tunable attributes.... Semi, dune buggy, pickup, suv, roadster, van, atv, bucket loader, aircraft. A universal neural network for devices!

Betsy | 2020年1月19日

When is the "courtesy" bell/horn being added to the Model S? I had one on my 2011 Volt which warned pedestrians in parking lots, bicyclists everywhere, joggers on back roads and wheel chairs out for a ride.

I heard from a tech at Seattle Service Center that this features was on the horizon. Is that true? If so, when is it coming via software download? My email is

Bighorn | 2020年1月19日

It was a hardware update requirement which began in Sept. External speakers can’t be updated OTA.

akikiki | 2020年1月19日

Betsy, wanna horn?