iPod works as USB drive...

iPod works as USB drive...

... but only if it is formatted for Windows. If formatted for Mac, the Model 3 won't see any files.

You can format it for Windows and still use it on a Mac, which if that's where all your music is, is a good thing. In fact, it's easier to format it for Windows, on a Mac, using the MS-DOS(FAT) format. Windows 10 itself only lets you choose ExFAT and NTFS, which the Model 3 manual discourages. You can probably restore it on the Mac as well, and then sync your library from the computer back to the newly formatted iPod.

The Model 3 doesn't read any playlists, so you will see all your files by Artist, Album, Song, Genre.

But at least it works! Maybe someday they'll read the XML files and show us playlists as well.