Charging port issue

Charging port issue

I took my Tesla Model 3 to a Supercharger in the morning and charged my car. No issues. I was able to get the charging cable out when it was done. However, when I got home and I tried to plug the charging cable into the charge port, but it doesn't want to sit properly. It doesn't even want to click in. What's interesting is that the app (and the display) says unlock charge port, but no matter how many times I press it, it doesn't want to do anything. So I did a search on the forums and found a topic where the user is trying to get the cable out, but I have the opposite problem. I reset the system by pressing the two knobs on the steering wheel, thinking it would reset everything. No go. I even reset my home charger. I thought maybe something is wrong with my home charger, so I went to a supercharger, but it's the same issue. What's interesting is that the adapter (that's used for non-Tesla chargers) can sit properly.

Do you think something is stuck in there? What do you think? Should I schedule a service call? Thanks.

kaffine | 2020年1月17日

Tesla has a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) for the charge port. Not sure if it is related to your issues or not. They have some pictures of what to look at to see if that is the issue. Would need to schedule a service or have a mobile tech come and fix it though.

Link to NHTSA site with TSB

stephen0118 | 2020年1月17日

Thanks. I’m if I schedule the service, they can replace it for me? I’m not very handy and I’ll end up breaking it.

Tronguy | 2020年1月17日

Um. Thought crosses my mind. There's a manual release for the charge port inside the trunk of the car. It's mainly for cold, freezing weather and stuck hardware, but it occurs to me if the charge point isn't latching and all, maybe the mechanism is a bit stuck. I think you said you can't charge anyway right now, so it might be worth a shot to look at the manual, look up the procedure, and tug on the handle inside the trunk a few times to see if it frees something up and allows you to charge.
On the other hand, if something in there is really broken the Service Center will fix it, no question. Your call.

rehutton777 | 2020年1月17日

OP - - please keep us posted on the outcome.

Bighorn | 2020年1月17日

I’d guess either something broke off or a solenoid isn’t working.

jebinc | 2020年1月18日


Tesla mobile service recently replaced my charging port for similar reasons. It turned out that the plastic tip on one of the charging pins broke off an was lodged in the charging port connector - preventing the charging cable from seating properly (or at all). No charge as it was a known issue and under warranty.

charles.a.braun | 2020年1月18日

Just yesterday, mobile service took care of a very similar situation on my Model 3.

Plugging in was not a problem. I was able to unplug from SuperChargers and using the J1772 adapter but I could not unplug my home UMC without pulling the release string in the trunk. (I have 2 and both would get stuck every time and force me to use the emergency release.

Yesterday, mobile service came out and lubed this little latch that was not fully dropping when unplugging. Took about 15 minutes to complete the repair.

Here is a short video of the part that was fixed.

Bighorn | 2020年1月18日

That would be the solenoid hypothesis.

jimglas | 2020年1月18日

The solenoid hypotheses is that the field of a bar magnet is produced by solenoid-like currents which flow around the outside of the magnet, in an anti-clockwise direction as we look along the magnet from its north to its south pole. ... Likewise, a negative magnetic monopole is an isolated magnetic south pole.

charles.a.braun | 2020年1月18日

@Bighorn - I just told my wife that the thingamajig was not dropping down into the doohickey. So the guy lubed it up and now it does.

Bighorn | 2020年1月18日

She’s into the “dirty talk”?

charles.a.braun | 2020年1月18日


stephen0118 | 2020年1月25日

Well, the Tesla tech came in and fixed the problem in about 10 minutes. He replaced the faulty deadfronts. It takes a bit more pressure to put in the charging cable, but the good thing is I'm getting 11 mi/hr back (compared to 3 mi/hr). He also told me if it continues to give me problems, I can take it to the service center and they'll take care of it.

stephen0118 | 2020年1月25日

Oh and he also inflated my tires to proper specs.

SalisburySam | 2020年1月26日

Wasn’t “The Solenoid Hypothesis” an early episode of The Big Bang Theory? I’ll close the door on the way out.

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年1月26日

Solenoids are know in the business as dirty devices, just sayn'.