Clickety Clack During Hard Acceleration

Clickety Clack During Hard Acceleration

My 2019 Model S Long Range (2500 miles) makes a really ugly ratchet-like sound when I accelerate hard from a slow speed. Sounds like it is coming from the left front but I am not quite sure. It seems to be worse when the car is cold and disappears altogether after driving a bit. I obviously need to get it looked at, but I wanted to see if others have experienced this and have a clue what it could be. Thanks! | 2020年1月23日

Possibly a small rock in the brake pad or calipers?

Tropopause | 2020年1月23日

Sounds like my half-shaft sound. Mine has been replaced once and seems to be in the early stages of repeat performance.

2017 P100D

Darthamerica | 2020年1月23日

Could be a loose tire pressure sensor. Get to service ASAP.

pmcginnis2112 | 2020年1月24日

Sounds like it may be the so-called "death rattle" as referred to by Tropopause above. You may want to head over to Tesla Motors Club forum and read the main thread on this issue. Contains videos posted by members. You can quickly see if it matches your problem.

ChargeUp | 2020年1月24日

Happens when the car is on high suspension, which is why you think it’s a cold issue. If like me, you have it set so the car raises when you get home. After driving over 50mph, the suspension automatically lowers and the rattle on acceleration goes away on your next acceleration. Lower the suspension manually or just don’t accelerate hard until after you’ve gone 50mph.

ST70 | 2020年1月24日

@Tropopause- yes...I've had 2 sets of half shafts's happening again now. 2015P85DL (Ludicrous upgrade). I've had 4 DU and 4 batteries replaced as well...still under 40K

Mark K | 2020年1月24日

Alessandro - do you hear the clack when pull away from a standstill?

Also, do you hear it when you abruptly release the accelerator and go to regen,?

Tip - open all the windows, and try these tests in a quiet parking lot.

If you’re parallel to a nearby wall, the sound will reflect back to you better.

If those tests show it, there’s a good solution we can suggest.

Mark K | 2020年1月24日

If it turns out to match those symptoms, here’s a thread on topic -

gshantanu | 2020年1月25日

@chargeup - I think you made an excellent observation. I hear the same clicking noise for my car when I leave home (high suspension), and accelerate hard as soon as I get on road. Need to be mindful.

Do folks think this can result in the half-shaft issue or something similar?

Michael.moberly | 2020年2月8日

Same problem with my Raven. it’s intermittent but also happens when suspension is low. Next test is does it happen more when charge is lower than 250-275 miles?

andreabreu | 2020年5月6日

Tenho o mesmo problema e ainda sem resolução.