Solar panels cleaning

Solar panels cleaning

I just had my solar panels professionally cleaned in San Diego. My first day after cleaning showed 10% performance improvement. My panels were not super dirty, just a thin film of dust and the seasonal rain... First cleaning in 7 years.... the cost was $160 for 34 panels...

Was it worth it?... I’m not sure... only time will tell...

Passion2Fly | 2020年1月23日

This confirms the University of Arizona’s study on solar panel cleaning showing that the benefits are not obvious... and the risks of damage or electrocution are minimizing the benefits...

gregbrew | 2020年1月23日

How long will a 10% production increase take to make $160? That's what you should be looking at. If that's your cleaning interval, then you're not saving any money. It varies a lot, in benefit.

I rinse mine from the ground with a hose about every 60 days when there's no rain. (I get a *lot* of dust from the beach, less than a mile away.) I climb up on the roof about once a year with an RV cleaning brush (soft), a long pole and a hose. I put a hose bib on the roof when I did a remodel. The plumber thought I was nuts until I told him what it was for...

bp | 2020年1月24日

I asked our installers about this - and they believed the heavy rains we get periodically should be enough to keep the panels clean enough to avoid having them cleaned.

schmankman | 2020年1月25日

It sounds as if the benefits of taking the chance to clean the surfaces are not so great, but is there some indication that the output of the system is less because of the dirt-film? We've had our Solar City Cells for about 4-yrs. Last week I went onto the roof (Kingston, NY) to clean the gutters, & ck. out the cells. There was a 5-ft tree limb (~3"-dia) up against one of the panels, but I saw no damage.

Jones | 2020年1月29日

Live in Napa in an agricultural area (vineyards are VERY dusty). Recent fires also dumped a lot of ash. Cleaning is a regular chore for me (about 3 times a year) and impacts production considerably - the dust is easily visible. Production improves by 10-15% each time. Garden hose with pistol grip, wide broom with long handle and soft bristles...takes about 15 minutes and uses 10 gallons of water. The esthetics are also important to me - black SunPower panels look bloody awful when dirty.