19,000 mile tire rotation

19,000 mile tire rotation

Just stopped into Costco in Pembroke Pines, FL today to have my tires rotated. Costco has come a long way. The first time I had a rotation done at Costco in Melville, NY, I had to supply the Jack Pads. Total cost $28.50, including tax. I'm mentioning this because I've seen quite a few questions on the forums about where the get the rotation done. Also, the Tesla SC's typically charge a lot more than Costco.

brscpo | 2020年2月19日

Just checked Costco...they say they can NOT work on the 2020 Model 3s yet because Tesla has not released the specs and it isn't in their system.

gballant4570 | 2020年2月19日

Just buy the jacking pads, and then get your tire maintenance done at your local shop. Print them the 2 pages that discuss jacking and lug nut torque reqmt.

RES IPSA | 2020年2月19日

Costco here in San Diego does my rotations every 5k for $25. Great deal and hassle free (if you go on a weekday)

Mike83 | 2020年2月19日

Costco not only rotates the tires but balances them. Our M3 was done for $26 while traveling in Oregon(also at Costcos in California. Yes, Costco has the pucks and knows how to remove the Aero Wheel covers. Need to re torque them after driving awhile which I do at home. Other than cleaning the car this is the only maintenance we have done in 2 years. They also use N2 to fill them.

Mike83 | 2020年2月19日

Should add. Costco is smart as you get to shop in the store for about an hour or have a pizza for $2.

charles.a.braun | 2020年2月20日

I save $26 bucks and get them rotated at America's Tire or Discount Tire (Same company) for $0 as needed.

Quinten | 2020年2月20日

I had my M3 done by my local Lancaster, CA Costco. They do have all of the tools to done it first. They learned from their mistakes. I assumed the first time they did a M3 tire rotation they screwed up. I think it was like $28 or so.

Joshan | 2020年2月20日

The Discount Tire by me will only rotate for free if you bought the tires there.

Putmoo | 2020年2月23日

Discount Tires has rotated them for m,e even though my Tesla tires are stock, since we've been buying tires for our other cars from them.