Model 3 FSD Computer Additional Cameras

Model 3 FSD Computer Additional Cameras

I just had the upgrade to the FSD computer and noticed that driving back from the SC that I was not able to engage AP or TAAA until "additional cameras are calibrated". Does anyone know how and location of the additional cameras? I had thought that all cameras were used for HW 2.5, guess not.


GHammer | 2020年2月22日

There are no additional cameras. The new computer self calibrates and until it completes the calibration AP or TACC is not available. The car needs to travel above 35mph for a certain length of time over a variety of terrain to complete the calibration. It only took mine about 10 miles but my mobile tech said he's had some take much longer.

M3phan | 2020年2月22日

@ mferrazano, in other words the same calibration as what you had to do when you first got your car.

LoveMyM3 | 2020年2月29日

I was upgraded yesterday and never had that warning. Autopilot was available to me immediately.

Daryl | 2020年2月29日

I only had to drive about 4 miles after the HW3 retrofit before AP would engage.

howard | 2020年2月29日

LoveMyM3, I would be seriously concerned. It should have taken some miles and time to calibrate. You sure they actually put it in? I would go back and have them force a new calibration. I am guessing I drove at least 30 miles over the course of the afternoon and evening before the calibration completed. You can watch the progress on the steering wheel icon.

GHammer | 2020年2月29日

@howard Some service centers will do the calibration before handing the car back.

EVRider | 2020年3月1日

When I had HW3 installed in my Model S there was no calibration period. I asked the service center (West Palm Beach FL) about that and they told me they calibrated the car before I picked it up (but not by driving it, because there was less than a mile driven after I dropped it off).

82bert | 2020年3月1日

I wouldn’t call driving the vehicle “service work”. More nonsense from fish.

FISHEV | 2020年3月1日

"I wouldn’t call driving the vehicle “service work”.

This thread proves you wrong.

GHammer | 2020年3月1日

"At least tell customers they've lost functionality and how to do the service work themselves on calibration."

They do and I would hardly call driving the car "service work"

howard | 2020年3月1日

GHammer | February 29, 2020
@howard Some service centers will do the calibration before handing the car back.

Guess you could check the miles when dropped off and when picked back up. I would be very surprised if service personal actually drove the car far and long enough to calibrate the cameras. I personally would not want them to.

shank15217 | 2020年3月1日

You are a moron FISH, no i don't want the tech taking a joy ride in my car for 10 miles to calibrate my cameras.

Magic 8 Ball | 2020年3月1日

@FISHEV is evil and is promotes anti-Tesla rhetoric.

JAD | 2020年3月1日

My car was upgraded without any driving and AP was immediately available. More variables than we know about with upgrades.

jayswoops | 2020年3月2日

I was upgraded on 2/28/2020 to HW3 from HW2.5 and had to calibrate the cameras again (same as when I first got the car) for 15~ miles before being able to enable Auto-steer

No extra cameras, just the new HW calibrating
Some service centers may do this calibration for you (possibly in @JAD's situation above)

WW_spb | 2020年3月3日

Amazing how quickly anti Tesla a holes jump in with their helpful insight. Talking about F and H.