M3 Software Bugs - Challenges

M3 Software Bugs - Challenges

Have a M3 2018 LR - Some challenges with all the upgrades in the last several months:

1. M3 does not shut down walkaway horn does not work - intermittent - have to re-open and close the door to get the desired outcome of it shutting down and locking itself up

2. Bluetooth does not always engage - this issue has been prevalent for the last 6+ months, the latest software did not fix the issue - today sat in the vehicle, drove miles and it did not engage

3. Sometimes the phone does not unlock as it does not automatically engage the bluetooth - have to open the app for it to work

4. Lately the vehicle will stop suddenly to avoid a runaway situation but none exists. Really bad as it stops suddenly

Have done multiple hard re-sets but nothing has worked - really unfortunate - nice vehicle but too many software issues constantly

Any thoughts or people having similar situations? Maybe Tesla can look at these bugs and get them fixed

snathla | 2020年3月29日

One additional issue as of late:

The web does not work - try to search and it just hangs

M3phan | 2020年3月29日

Nope. None of these. Schedule service, why wait months?

derotam | 2020年3月30日

Issues 1-3 seem to all be related to bluetooth which leads me to say that it is PROBABLY an issue with your specific phone, or settings on your phone.

As to item 4. You gotta five more info than that... Are you buckled in, door closed, body weight on the seat? Are you going forwards or backwards? What is the scenario? Just because YOU don't believe there to be a rollaway situation, doesn't mean the CAR doesn't think the same. It also doesn't mean it is a bug.

Frank99 | 2020年3月30日

My Model 3 LR RWD was delivered in May 2018, and is currently on 2020.8.1
1. I use an iPhone 8+. Have never had an issue with walkaway lock not working.
2. I don't often receive/make calls in the car, or use Bluetooth for music, so my opinion is suspect here, but the times that I have, it has always worked.
3. Once in a while (perhaps 1 in 30 attempts) I have to wait up to about 5 seconds for the car to unlock once I touch the door handle. On my previous Android phone, this was much more frequent and occasionally required unlocking the phone first before the door would unlock. Have never had to pull the iPhone out of my pocket and unlock it.
4. I haven't experienced anything like this. I agree with derotam - need a lot more information about what you're seeing and when.

quicksun | 2020年3月30日

I just got my model 3 2020 and I am having many of your problems. I have all-wheel, FSDing. For the first couple of hundred miles, things worked great, but the other day when I back out of my garage, the rear camera didn't work. On the road, it would not go into auto-pilot. Then I noticed the GPS wasn't working. Although I have good wifi in my garage, the update 2020.4.2 froze at 66% and it hasn't progressed in several weeks. I only have 347 miles on my car.

davec | 2020年3月30日

I haven't had any of the issues at all and have had the car for 6+ months. I drive everyday. My phone is iphone 8 so nothing fancy and no issues at all. Before that I had a google pixel 2XL and no problems with that one either. Do you have some old off brand Android phone?

bjrosen | 2020年3月30日

quicksun@ Have you done a hard reset? You also might want to re-pair the car with your WiFI. There have been a couple of updates since 4.2, even if that one failed you should have gotten a subsequent update, the latest is 2020,12.1. Another thing to try is switching between advance and standard and then back to advanced. If all of that fails then schedule service for the failed update, I think they can push a new update to you. I had a problem with a couple of updates last summer, had to sit in the car and tell it to retry when it failed. After I got through that particular update I haven't had any update problems since.

bjrosen | 2020年3月30日

snathla@ What phone do you have? I have a Pixel4XL, no problems with Bluetooth.

Joshan | 2020年3月30日

@quicksun if an update gets stuck downloading you ca hop into Tesla chat and they will reset that for you. If the the option on the support page does not offer chat, pick a different option and it will come up.

TrexTesla | 2020年3月30日

Along those lines, I'm not sure what Bluetooth bugs we keep getting fixes for in updates. I bought my LRAWD M3 in June 2019 and the blue tooth issues I had then are still the same keeps disconnecting when trying to use summons in and out of my garage. No pattern...sometimes at the threshold, sometimes in the driveway...doesn't seem to matter where I stand, etc. Works some days, not other days. Car never wakes up when I go to unplug the charging cable in the morning. I always need to open a door first to wake the car up, then I can take out the charging cord. Seems like these are fairly major issues that still haven't been fixed. I don't have any issues with calls, etc, once I'm in the car...maybe someday. Other than that, the best car I've ever owned!

Frank99 | 2020年3月30日

>>> Car never wakes up when I go to unplug the charging cable in the morning
Yeah, that's an oversight in the Tesla design for the Model 3. The best solution is to slightly press on the rear door handle (not enough to unlatch the door). That's enough to wake the car, and in 2-3 seconds you'll be able to unplug the charging cable.
I don't use summon, so I can't help you out on that one.

vmulla | 2020年3月30日

The BT issues OP is describing are likely from the phone, not the car.

I had a phone broke recently and am currently using my older Iphone6 till I buy a newer phone. I am experiencing BT issues on iphone6 that I never experienced on iphone7/7+ (with 2020.8.1).
Iphone6 is Ok for lock/unlock, but connecting/disconnecting as an audio source is spotty, and pulling up contact info is bad.

TrexTesla | 2020年3月30日

Agree Frank99. I usually need to put something in the back seat anyway, so not a big deal. That's how I've been dealing with it. BTW, I had an iPhone X when I first bought the car and now have an iPhone 11 Pro...issues are still the same.

M3phan | 2020年3月30日

And so odd but some of us have had virtually no iPhone issues to date after nearly two years. Weird.

Skavanaugh | 2020年3月30日

I just got my 3 last week and am having multiple problems already.
1. Backup camera usually works but did not work randomly so I put in park and then back into reverse, still had just a black window instead of image from backup camera. It worked again after that but I’m told by another Model 3 owner that this just happens sometimes???
2. Driving along and there was a sudden loud buzzing from the car. Very loud. I immediately pulled over and stopped the car but it would not go into Park. Also the screen controls were unresponsive. Screen still said I was going 50mph even though the car was stopped.
3. I checked my autopilot settings and all are on but lane keeping does not work at all, hasn’t since I’ve had the car. I don’t think the other autopilot functions are working either.

I’m having various other issues with the display screen behaving erratically and climate controls behaving erratically (I’ve turned it off from the app but then it suddenly starts blasting heat in drivers side but icy cold on passenger side).

Frank99 | 2020年3月30日

See if a reboot solves your problems. If not, you probably need a Service Center visit:
1. Put the car in park
2. Press and hold the brake pedal
3. Press both steering wheel buttons in for about 5 seconds, until the screen goes black
4. Release the brake and the buttons.

snathla | 2020年3月30日

Appreciate all the guidance, probably need to schedule a service session.

I have done a few hard resets on the vehicle and phone. I have the latest Apple 11 max with the current IOS version.

I was able to get in the vehicle and drive for 30 miles one way and another 30 the other and it never connect for me to use my phone for music or calling. During this trip, the vehicle also did not shut down after I walked out and left it, the screen was still on inside and the front lights were on as well. Had to re-open the door and shut it to get the car to lock the door

All of these issues have been recent within the last 3-4 months at least to this level, BT connectivity is well know, it's been a challenge for a while.

Earl and Nagin ... | 2020年3月31日

I had similar problem. I was using a very old iPhone. When I upgraded the iPhone, all was well again.