Dashcam viewer in car coming soon !

Dashcam viewer in car coming soon !

teslamazing | 2020年4月7日

Here we go...

Frank99 | 2020年4月7日

spuzz123 sed:
"mostly because it is a pain to take out the usb, and remember to reinsert it the next day."
I have the same problem; I solved it by putting a backup USB Flash drive in the console. When I pull the current one to review something (generally someone doing something stupid on the dashcam), I insert the backup. Days later when I remember, I throw the first one into the console to become the backup. Works for me.

WW_spb | 2020年4月7日

Don't foo to flag Fish lies

WW_spb | 2020年4月7日


dallinjhales | 2020年4月7日

2020.12.5? Looks like I'll be checking my phone all day :D

EVRider | 2020年4月7日

@FISHEV: Lane Keeping and Autosteer are the same thing. Lane Assist is the separate safety feature that includes blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, etc.