Future Retrofit - LTE —> 5G ?

Future Retrofit - LTE —> 5G ?

So since the latest and greatest available today is LTE and 5G is on the horizon... Will tesla be selling an upgrade to the newer standard in the future?

On a related topic, why does the WiFi get disabled once you start driving, I would really like to enable my hotspot device to the WiFi (This could also be another work around to a 5G solution).

Intent of the question is, how upgradable is this car or is it meant to be e waste and just toss it in the trash and go buy a new one?

RES IPSA | 2020年4月8日

If 5G is required (because of regulations or the tech needs 5G), I would assume Tesla would retrofit my M3 with 5G for no additional cost since I purchased FSD, right??

Tuning In | 2020年4月8日

We didn't order FSD in either car because we figured that it would take them the term of our ownership to figure it out. As they learn, they will figure out the hardware needed as well, which will be in our future cars. We're plenty happy with AP as it already takes care of 90% of our needs.

plugzin | 2020年4月8日

In my view, the whole 5G thing is more marketing hype than real technical advancement.

bjrosen | 2020年4月9日

5G is not going to be required for FSD for at least a decade, maybe more. LTE is more than good enough for anything that we do now. 5G might be required for V2V but that can't happen for a very long time. We are years away from a V2V communication standard. This is the sort of standard that can't be rushed because lives will depend on it and because it will be used for decades. You don't want a sloppy standard like Bluetooth, look at all of the incompatibilities you see between Bluetooth devices, that sort of thing in a V2V standard will get people killed. Once you have a standard it will take awhile before manufacturers start rolling it out, and then you will have to wait years while the number of cars in the fleet that support it reach a level where it actually does something useful.

My guess is that Tesla will include 5G when they move to HW4. They will do it then because it won't cost them anything. When HW4 rolls in a couple of years the available cellular modems will all include 5G so you will get it for nothing. BTW don't expect the upgrade from HW3 to HW4 to be free, they would be insane to do that. When HW4 becomes available they will start selling something called FSD+ which won't be considered to be the same thing as FSD for upgrade purposes. It's not clear when FSD+ will start to diverge from FSD but it will have to happen sometime. HW4 will be several times faster than HW3 which in theory should enable some new capabilities. If it doesn't enable anything new then the only reason to build a HW4 chip will be for cost or power reduction.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 2020年4月9日

"When HW4 rolls in a couple of years the available cellular modems will all include 5G so you will get it for nothing"

That's probably true, but changing bands will likely necessitate an antenna change as well. I don't know where or how tesla has them packaged.

andy.connor.e | 2020年4月9日

The higher the frequency, the smaller the antenna needed. At 5G speeds, it would be pretty miniscule.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 2020年4月9日

Most 5G networks are mid-band (substantially sub 6) and not far off from LTE. mmwave is currently of the exception to the rule, at least domestically.

Agreed that they will be small.

519udhaya | 2020年4月9日


519udhaya | 2020年4月9日