I have never seen that much spamming in every threads from spambots with spam website links

Please send an email to Tesla to verify new accounts and prevent new account from posting for a minimum of 1 month and being a read or view only 1 month period

EVRider | 2020年5月4日

No worse than usual. Just keep flagging. | 2020年5月4日

Agree with EVRider. If the thread is really infested, flag the OP.

andy.connor.e | 2020年5月4日

well played grins | 2020年5月4日

Time for a plug to use my free Chrome extension (or is that spam?). Auto identifies most spam and can auto-flag quite a few as well.

Seems if non-owners were not allowed to include links it would eliminate 99% spammers. Super rare to see any non-owner need to include a link, and they can always use a space a the URL to include it if really needed.

andy.connor.e | 2020年5月4日


It used to be that way. You would have to put spaces in the link and break the hyperlink in order to post a comment. They should have kept that system in addition to adding the captcha, which clearly is ineffective.

FISHEV | 2020年5月4日 | May 4, 2020 Time for a plug to use my free Chrome extension (or is that spam?)."

If you value your privacy, stay away from Chrome/Google.

Mike83 | 2020年5月4日

Thanks TT. being able to ignore the stinking liar fish and the others who take up space with repetitive bs saves my valuable time.
Too bad an IGNORE is not on these forums.

andy | 2020年5月8日

I started a thread at the suggestion if another forumite a few weeks back. Defiantly not spam. It had a link to a site for further reference, but no commercial interest. It was purely related to the discussion of a hobby. Logged back in a few hours later, there was a post from another forumite that was on topic and then another one saying “spam flagged”. There was no message in between so I didn’t know whether a spam post had been added to the thread I started, and it had been deleted before I saw it, or a forumite thought my message was spam. Given some of the topics in General I doubt they were complaining about my topic, but I deleted it anyway - life is too short.

Was about to post on another thread and realised it was an only one that had been brought back by off topic posts with external links, so I guess it is those types of posts that being discussed here.

Xerogas | 2020年5月8日

Would you guys be able to help out on the Roadster forum? The top 10 posts there are pure spam magnets, and should be nuked from above, just to help those poor Roadster folks out. I do my part, but I’ve only got one vote. | 2020年5月8日

It is nearly the entire first page. Flagged aplenty but didn’t dare go to page two. Good luck with that forum.

The energy forum has never worked so I guess most of the spammers stay away from there.

andy.connor.e | 2020年5月8日

wish the energy forum would get fixed. my solar roof info gets lost in the politics

FISHEV | 2020年5月8日

Where's the delete gang when you need them. I guess they only attack other owners. No public service.

stingray.don | 2020年5月8日

Did my part for the roadster forum. What a mess!

jimglas | 2020年5月8日

I go there daily to flag spam
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SCCRENDO | 2020年5月8日

I think we need the delete gang here for all the mutant MAGA hatters migrating over from the Model 3 threads

andy | 2020年5月9日

I haven’t seen a definition of what should and ahouldn’t be in General and don’t read all threads on the forums anyway. Tend to avoid the ones that have obvious references to local politics. Tesla operates, and has customers, around the globe and that sometimes seems to be missed by posters on the forums. I don’t know the size of the Tesla customer base, but as with most forums, those of us who visit regularly are likely to be a fraction of a percentage of that base.

Can see that spam is an issue. It would also help if there was threading and moderation. In the meantime I just go by thread titles and visit from time to time on the phone (hence typos).

The topics that cover new software releases, future industry trends, features and fixes are the ones I find valuable. It would be nice if the forum and threads focussed on those, but this forum follows much the same patterns as most I’ve used over the last 30 years. Any public forum will.