Full Self Driving Package price increase

Full Self Driving Package price increase

I read that the FSD Package should increase to 8000 usd with the 1th of July

I am a little bit confused:

Here in Europe, on my Tesla app I have the possibility to update my actual Self Driving package paying 3150 eur

I know that I have to change my HW from version 2.5 to 3.0 to use the future FSD and I suppose that is included in the 3150 eur

When in the US somebody speaks about FSD , what is it? is it the equivalent of my update that costs 3150 or is it something different?

thanks - renato

EVRider | 2020年5月19日

It is the same thing. Your current upgrade price is only 3150 euros because you probably have EAP ($4000 USD to upgrade). That price will increase by $1000 USD in July. The price includes the HW3 upgrade.

If you don’t have EAP and can upgrade to FSD for 3150 euros, do it.

franzellin | 2020年5月19日


akikiki | 2020年5月19日

EVRider, How many times before have we've seen a like situation here? Elon announces a price increase. People can get it before the increase but they don't. Then they show up here pissed off and complaining that no one told them this was coming and why can't they get one more chance to buy it at the cheaper price.

EVRider | 2020年5月20日

@akikiki: And if the price doesn’t increase as soon as promised, the people who rushed to buy FSD before the deadline will complain about that.

dougk71 | 2020年5月20日

Well it is more purposeful now. There was a time Tesla might have had a used car salesperson with a random number generator setting prices.
This annoyed more than it pleased.
Some people were wise enough to wait till the fire sale before buying an add-on.
A $100,000 car needed more discipline in pricing the add-ons.
Tesla should not price like a Dollar Store.

akikiki | 2020年5月20日

EVRider, LOL, yeah. Seen that here too.