Superchargers worse road trip EVER!!!

Superchargers worse road trip EVER!!!

Flagstaff to St George Utah. Superchargers think they need to slow to 24kw to get you to move on even though you can’t reach the next Supercharger. No Superchargers between Las Vegas and St. George. Never again will I take a road trip in this model X. My time is worth far more than the price of gas!

malmeleh | 2020年5月21日

P90D max range 200 miles. Was supposed to have had a 400 range battery when I ordered. I’m vin 808

jimglas | 2020年5月22日

never fear, you CAN have a worse road trip. Keep trying. | 2020年5月22日

@malmeleh - Never heard of an X with a 400-mile EPA range or even a hint of it back in 2017. Perhaps in 2021?

Of course if you drive at 35 mph, you can get 400 miles out of a current P100D. Not likely on an old P90D.

avesraggiana | 2020年5月23日

I've heard of a "WORST" road trip ever, but I've never heard of a "worse" road trip ever. What is it, what does it mean?

Uncle Paul | 2020年5月23日

Clickbate title ?

marcustcohn | 2020年5月23日

@malmeleh - LV to St George is 119 miles. Where were you trying to charge and what was you SOC ?

ScooterJim | 2020年5月23日

I have a X90D and I drove that route last summer and had no problems going from Las Vegas to St.George. It is about 120 miles from LINQ superchargers and I normally charge up to 240 miles SOC.. Now I was cutting it close going to Bryce Canyon from St. George. To ensure I could make it, I drove to Beaver, UT superchargers both ways to make it back St. George. They need some superchargers at Bryce Canyon City.

r.sattele | 2020年5月25日

Just purchased new Model X May 2020. First trip. Drove from Roswell, Ga. (Atlanta suburb) To Richmond Hill, Ga. (on the coast of Georgia.). 290 miles
Stopped at Supercharger in Macon, Ga. 110 miles. Quick Charge.
Next stop was Richmond Hill. According to range remaining had 150 miles remaining.
Drove the speed limit 70mph. Very impressive performance by the Model X.
Around 70mph, the range per mile dropped about the same as the distance to destination on the navigation input.