Smaller Cybertruck

Smaller Cybertruck

He is on it.

I was calling for it from Day One.

I would be super happy to swap my order for a small one.

A world truck, wouldnt that be the one from China Designers?

Ross1 | 2020年5月23日
fazman | 2020年5月24日

Just don’t be a first day or first few years early adopter... they will make incremental changes/updates to fill the needs over time. Most euro and asia customers want “smaller” form factors rather than the American market which generally wants larger. They will refine it as they feel it helps the bottom line meet sales needs.

andy.connor.e | 2020年5月24日

its gonna depend how small. because im pretty good with how it is right now.

TabascoGuy | 2020年5月24日

Tesla won't "refine" the CT by making it smaller over time. Has either the MS or MX changed in size whatsoever from when they were originally released?

When Tesla decides to make a smaller truck, it will be a completely new model.