East Coast Being Screwed?

East Coast Being Screwed?

So briefly about myself. I am early 30's... live in NJ... and my co-worker has a Model S and has let me drive it many many times. I have fallen in Love with the vehicle. However, I forsee chaos on the 31st. I live in Southern, NJ and I have seen nothing but dysfunction from the local Tesla Stores.

For Starters..... Tesla website list a Store in NJ with a contact person with email & phone #. After several months of calling "Ian", I gave up and accepted he and the store are fictional.

Next.... My closest locations are Devon, PA & King Of Prussia.... Followed by Short Hills, NJ. I have reached out to all three locations and spoke to various sales reps. None of them can even answer the most basic questions about "how lines will be formed etc etc"

My prediction now is that the online system will crash on the 31st.

Lastly!!!!! I can't believe we don't have a location in South NJ that is a very high net worth area with million dollar homes everywhere you look... what is worse is that we on the East Coast have to wait for delivery from West over??? I guess that pretty much potentially nulls and voids your chances on East Coast of receiving 7500 federal tax credit since your last in line regardless... what's point of showing up early?

Tâm | 2016年3月21日


There's always hope because no one can predict the future exactly.

If you want something bad enough, go for it.

Remember, Tesla is a very small company with 15,000 employees worldwide.

A factory alone would need more than 10,000 workers.

So they need your help!

In California, without asking, volunteers from a user group would take care of the lines themselves so Tesla should not be worried about it.

Consider tax incentives as a surprised nice bonus, but don't set your bar too high and don't convince yourself that you'll get it for sure if your sequence number is "1" in the US.

dd.micsol | 2016年3月22日

completely. I don't understand west coast first then east coast. That's completely unfair for tax incentive purposes.
If shipping is an issue then get your act together and get more drivers. Not customer problem. Goes to show Elon is failing. He has favoritism. He's prejudice. No wonder his wife is leaving him for 3rd time.
All I know is I had 4 people who wanted one-now with no incentive possible-they don't want it anymore.
All of us are going to order 5 prius instead. They just lost 6 model 3 sales here in the east coast.
East coast has been forgotten.

Hi_Tech | 2016年3月22日

Please stop with the "fairness" statements. There is no way that a company can product and deliver tens of thousands of products to customers immediately across the US. They are being open with us and letting us know some of the priority criteria they plan on using. I appreciate it.

Next, don't forget the credits will go on for about a year after the 200,000th vehicle is delivered, at reduced credits. Also, realize that Tesla is not getting these credits, we are. They will do the best to help, but don't expect it to be "fair" for every single future owner.

ps: I'm in the East coast as well (MA).

PhillyGal | 2016年3月22日

The "location" you are referring to is Cherry Hill and you're right, it's not real. It's an agreed upon space where the land owner (a hotel maybe) allows test drives. King of Prussia is a pain to get to, even from Philly, so I feel you.

As a non-owner though, you have yet to understand that at present, Tesla corporate shares very little details with folks at the gallery/service center level. 3/31 is still more than a week away. I suggest finding out when the KoP mall opens to walkers and go then if you are really interested in an early reservation. Otherwise, give them a call Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

And yes, I'm disappointed about regional batching as well. It's just that developing a car and making a battery factory isn't cheap and Tesla will need to post as much revenue as possible up front, which means delivering cars, not loading them into a truck for two weeks to get to the East Coast.

As for South Jersey goes... I can only imagine a SuperCharger next to the Cowtown Rodeo :)

jordanrichard | 2016年3月22日

bmich82, I don't know how closely you have been following the process for reserving a Model ≡, but this is not an "early bird, gets the worm" scenario, with the "worm" being your car. Tesla will be delivering first the Model ≡s that people have configured with the most options. They are also giving reservation priority to existing owners. Keep in mind reservation and ordering (configuring) are 2 different things. So essentially you can relax and just place your reservation on line, be it from your phone or home computer.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年3月22日

Toll roads and toll bridges. That's what makes life miserable for folks on the East Coast. None of that is Tesla Motors' fault.

Ankit Mishra | 2016年3月23日

Please don't bring his personal life into this. It's easy to deliver cars near to the factory when they will be under pressure to make deliveries. It also easy to service them in case any problems are found in early batches. The early units are bad for margins. They need to be prudent while in early stages.

Tstolz | 2016年3月23日

Take delivery at the factory.

Haggy | 2016年3月23日

It wasn't "fair" that east coast vehicles got to jump the queue when my Model S was reserved, and that they were made before mine even though they had later VINs. But Tesla knew that if they finished mine within a few days of the end of the quarter and I picked it up in Fremont, it would still count for the quarter. They didn't say they would build nothing but cars for the west coast until demand is exhausted. They will no doubt balance things out once production is up to speed, at which point west coast deliveries will be delayed while the rest of the country gets deliveries.

lph | 2016年3月23日

Lets face it, you East coasters just live on the wrong side.
Move out west and show that you really want the car ;-D
I did that 35 years ago and all that patience is finally paying off!

David N | 2016年3月23日

"East Coast Being Screwed?"

Red Sage ca us | 2016年3月24日

Haggy: +1! Exactly. The best decision for the company will not always be in my best interest.

lph: +1! Precisely. I applaud you for your wise decision making.

David N: Yup.

ram1901 | 2016年3月24日

I'm reprising the below post from a similar post on this site: Here goes:

Between this site and TMC I get the feeling most of the world's biggest whiners have congregated.
Tesla is NOT GM and Tesla is not perfect... in fact, there are none perfect, no not one.. but I digress.

Try buying a KIA soul EV in VT. Not happening. Try buying a Chevy BOLT in VT when they are finally sent to
dealers. Not happening. NOT even GM can supply EV's to EVERYONE at the same moment.

Tesla has to have a system in place to get the most bang for their buck so that they can continue to produce the best EV's on the market and there is no way they could just built 100,000 of them and get them to everyone who wanted one on the same day, week or month. It's technically and physically impossible.

So stop THREATENING Tesla with ... 'oh i had 4 people who were going to buy but now we're gonna buy a Prius.'
REALLY.. a Prius compared to a Tesla.

Now I feel better. :)

Red Sage ca us | 2016年3月24日

ram1901: +1! Well ranted.

dd.micsol | 2016年3月25日

Some of you really don't get it.
prius is 26k with taxes
tesla 35k plus taxes-so about 38k here entry level
12k is a huge difference. That's 13 yrs worth of gas/maintenance for us.
If we got the tax incentive that would be 31.5k which is now only 6yrs worth of gas.
Yes we would keep the car longer than 6 yrs-so Tesla would be preferred.
Simple math wins. Only issue is: incentive unknown.
Is it by title? Is it by order number? Is it by when you receive the car?
Who the heck knows?
Also understand you will need to replace the battery in 10yrs to keep that mileage.
That to me is cost of electricity and replacing battery = gas and other maintenance on an ICE but clean energy as we will charge the car with our solar powerwall.

PhillyGal | 2016年3月25日

@dd - The tax credit doesn't automatically stop at the 200,000th car sold. Look it up but I think it's something like the following quarter after that mark is hit (and even then, it's not 0 but reduced.) Tesla knows this and I'm sure they will do everything in their power to cram as many US deliveries into that tail end quarter as they can.

Ankit Mishra | 2016年3月25日

Tesla has made an affordable electric car for people. It has done more than enough. It's a business so it is doing what's best for itself.

dd.micsol | 2016年3月25日

It's about amount of funds not cars!

I expect over 250k model 3 to be sold in cali alone. Now they are at 350 cars.
Add the rest of the west and midwest-another 50k cars. End of any tax incentives stops here. That includes the faze out.
add the east and you're looking at 600k cars minimum.

After the first day of online ordering-I'd expect all incentives to be gone. All of it. It's not about the number of cars
it is total of budgeted money for the cars sold. So, with S being so expensive-it will only take 400k cars to empty the funds for incentives for Tesla.

Got this info from IRS website.

bmich82 | 2016年3月25日

@PhillyGal Cowtown rodeo is deep deep south jersey .I am in the suburbs of Philadelphia.... Moorestown, NJ (rated #1 place to live in the country). There is huge amounts of money here and not a single charging station? Famous actors, athletes, politicians, businessmen.

Tesla is a mess with this whole process. They are having another conference call today to discuss new changes to the event.

PhillyGal | 2016年3月25日

@bmich82 - I'm very familiar with the area. I took a "beautiful" ride up 130 from Camden to Hylton Road just yesterday. I tease - it's a secret requirement that anyone born and raised inside Philly city limits makes fun of Jersey.

The strategy for the Superchargers is to allow people to get places, not necessary charge near home. For that reason, owning a Tesla is South Jersey is perfect. You can go south (charge in Newark), north (several in Central Jersey) and now finally west (Allentown, still need Harrisburg.) The biggest hole right now is the GSP/AC Expw so people can get down the shore and back. I can't make Philly to Wildwood round trip without some kind of slow charge while there.

The strategy for destination chargers is different. Those are meant to be at your destination so if you want to get a jump on those being in South Jersey, start recruiting hosts. It's very painless for the hotel/restaurant/amusement owner. Check out the below link about a restaurant in Wilkes-Barre another owner and I convinced to install chargers.

Bighorn | 2016年3月25日

I feel the collective IQ dropping around here.

Hi_Tech | 2016年3月25日

@Ram: +1
@PhillyGal: +1
@Bighorn: +50 - I'm getting tired of responding to these nonsensical "why does Tesla hate me?" threads.

Haggy | 2016年3月25日


No, it's about making a better $35K car than other manufacturers, not about trying to compete with a Prius. There are plenty of people who are willing to pay $35K for a car and it will come down to whether they'd prefer to spend it on a Tesla or something else. If they like the Tesla better, they will buy the Tesla. And that's without factoring in tax advantages. There's no way an average driver would save enough money in 20 years if gasoline dropped to 50 cents a gallon to make up for the tax credit.

Based on your argument, BMW doesn't get it, because nobody would buy a 3 series when they could buy a Prius. The easy way to disprove that is to point to the sales of anything in that price category, which would be close to zero if it simply came down to funds. It really comes down to what kind of car people want.

dsvick | 2016年3月25日

It has nothing to do with the funds it is strict.y based on the number of cars sold in the US, regardless of east coast, west coast, or midwest. The details are all right here:

Incentives will not disappear after the first day or ordering either, a vehicle is only counted towards the 200,000 after it has been sold (the title has transferred). So, there could be 400,000 reservations on 3/31, but until they start making and delivering them none of them will count towards the limit on the tax credit.

Yes, there is a chance that equally configured cars on the west coast will be delivered prior to the east coast but right now there are just too many other variables to get too worried about it right now. You should have at least a year to find out more info, decide if you think you'll receive the credit and cancel your order if you desire.

dd.micsol | 2016年3月25日

Okay well let me do some guessing:
Current tesla owners will be scalping cars
I know of a few here who will be ordering as many as they can to sell over full price before incentive and taking the tax breaks-ebaying them.
So there goes about 100k cars right off the bat-low balling it.
Cali will probably order close to 250k in the first 24hrs.
North about 75k
South about 125k
East about 200k
So if it is based on when you get the car delivered-east coast is out of incentive luck. By the time the first car reaches a new owner on the East coast it will be 2019 or later.

finman100 | 2016年3月25日

Wow, it is going to look silly when none of that happens.

dd.micsol | 2016年3月25日

I hope you're right fin. I really do.
I do know everyone I know who owns and S is buying a mdl 3 at least 1 - most of them are ordering 3. I know about 15 of them personally.

dsvick | 2016年3月25日

You can't scalp a car, well I guess you could but there'd be no point to it.
First off, the tax break can't be transferred, so whoever buys the car gets the credit.

Secondly, unless the prior owners get their vehicles months before new owners, which I don't see happening, there would be no point in paying a premium price just to get it a few weeks early.

Third, As has been mentioned there are way too many variables to even begin to figure out what is going to have the most impact on when you get your car. Just reserve one than, as the details come out, decide if you want to keep your reservation or get a refund.

Fourth, you're a "glass is half full" kind of person aren't you? :)

Haggy | 2016年3月25日

Fifth, current owners get priority, but can get priority on one Model 3 for each Tesla they currently own. I might be able to reserve 10 cars, but if nine of them won't come any sooner than they would for anybody else, what's the point?

SamO | 2016年3月25日


mclary | 2016年3月25日

bmich82 = Idiot!

People on the east coast are idiots anyway!

What is the point to your post again?


flight505 | 2016年3月30日

mclary is back?

damonmath | 2016年3月30日

Please please please stop comparing Tesla to Prius. Not even close to comparable.

@Haggy +1

jordanrichard | 2016年3月30日

dd, what pure gasoline car did you own before your Prius. Have you gotten a ROI of $26,000 in gas savings because that seems to be the sole basis you are using.

Also, are you saying that the Tesla battery will need replacing in 10 yrs? Where did you pull that from?

dd.micsol | 2016年3月30日

2005 honda civic and a porsche 911 that i only race with. Honda ave mileage is 31m/gal. Porsche gets about 11 racing-3.8l flat 6 672hp.

jordanrichard | 2016年3月30日

So you went from a 31 mpg Honda to a Prius, to save $27,000 in gas.....?

dd.micsol | 2016年3月30日

Jordan get your facts straight-
read the whole post-
the prius costs 26k to buy
it costed me 6k in gas/maint to use it for 6 yrs.
So that is 32k-my estimate for a prius is 10 yrs before the Tesla breaks even with my prius costs.
Can I afford 38k for entry level-heck yeah, but I don't want to spend that much unless it is worth it.
I will be spending that much, but will probably sell the car in 2 yrs.
Just want to try it out. If I want to go fast-I'll use my porsche 911 on a track. Going fast has no uses on inexperienced driver roads.