A change is coming, and it will be huge

A change is coming, and it will be huge

For all of you dreamers out there, brimming with excitement, hopeful that this week will signal a seismic shift in the auto industry... I Agree.

PeterPlt | 2016年3月29日


On behalf of all us who will be living our own dreams of being at the unveiling vicariously through you and Hubs (he gets honorable mention, since it was his lottery win!), cherish the moment! Take plenty of mental notes. I look forward to your comments on Friday.

dsvick | 2016年3月29日

Nicely written! As if I wasn't excited enough ... thanks (heavy sarcasm intended) :)

Now I want to get in line even earlier Thursday, asking my wife to skip her Dr appointment would be wrong wouldn't it?

PhillyGal | 2016年3月29日

@PeterPlt - Thanks! I've yet to figure out how to balance evidence (photos, tweets) with being in the moment and enjoying the experience.

@dsvick - Check-up? Cancel that thing! Life-saving treatment.... depends how much you like your wife.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年3月29日

PhillyGal: Consider taking the bulk of your photos before the event begins, while folks are entering, milling about, and mingling. I remember that at the Tesla Motors 'D' Event, there was a logo wall between the badge counter and the actual entrance that was well lit, with red carpet, and folks were taking photos of each other there to commemorate the moment, paparazzi style. The 'If You Take Mine, I'll Take Yours' vibe was very helpful among attendants. Do your best to locate yourself at a spot that is convenient to viewing the stage and video walls. Then once it all begins, just take a handful of photos of Elon, the car, and the stage during the presentation. That should cover it. Enjoy!

PeterPlt | 2016年3月29日

@PhillyGal I cherish having photos to refresh the moment (whales leaping, leopards napping, bears stalking, wife flirting with the Scotts Guardsman, etc.) gives me mini-holidays as the screen saver cycles through.

With the crowd, you may want to use a selfie stick!?

We look forward to your impressions and expressions.

PBEndo | 2016年3月29日

"asking my wife to skip her Dr appointment would be wrong wouldn't it?"

I don't see any issue there. I canceled my patients so I could be there for a reservation.

MistaJones | 2016年3月29日

Did BigHorn get ticket to the unveil? he been on this forum for a while giving advice and helping others out.

PBEndo | 2016年3月29日

He did not, but most of us think he should have. | 2016年3月29日

@PhillyGal I vote for being in the moment. A few pictures sure-- but then just take it ALL in. Have fun!

bjobs | 2016年3月29日

Great! Yet another narcissistic article written by the ironically-named "Electric" Jenn. Seriously, what sort of education, if any, do you have in electrical engineering or electronics? I'd really like to know. I appreciate your enthusiasm for Tesla products, but you should consider taking notes while reading other people's articles on Teslarati, particularly on how they don't talk so much about themselves and how great it is to be them. That would be a huge change worth coming for... ;-)

jordanrichard | 2016年3月29日

Bjobs, yet another example of someone without manners. Don't like what PG wrote, then don't say anything. I am sure I speak for everyone here, no one was waiting for your comments. Talk about narcissism.

PG, not live the moment through a camera lens. Take a couple of pictures of the car and that is it. Also, don't feel obligated to be a roving reporter for us.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年3月29日

jordanrichard: I'm pretty sure that bjobs' post was [CLOSED CAPTIONED for the HUMOUR IMPAIRED]. Hence, the smiley at the end...?

artC | 2016年3月29日

Philly Gal:
What a great article. Were you a journalism major?

Tersalita | 2016年3月29日

@PhillyGal, I'm casting another vote for being in the moment. Yes, take it all in.

Have a great time!

NKYTA | 2016年3月29日

PG, 'nother gem. Rock on.

PhillyGal | 2016年3月30日

Thanks all!

@artC - Hilariously, an engineering major who struggled through calculus (no pre-calc in high school) but did well in required writing classes.