Do not share your Reservation Number (RN)!

Do not share your Reservation Number (RN)!

Tesla will be assigning you two numbers. A Reservation Number (RN) and a Reservation Sequence Number (RSN). Thee Reservation Number (RN)is a number which identifies you as a customer. This number should be kept private and not shared. The second number they will assign you will be the Reservation Sequence Number. It may be a while before you see your Reservation Sequence Number. This represents your place in line and there is no risk in sharing this number with others.

The will become active probably late tonight. Once you get your RSN you should update the tracker with yout RSN. I am co-administrator of the site so if you have question about the system send me a private message.

Captain_Zap | 2016年4月4日

@Darryl is an occasional forum participant that likes to track reservations, if possible.

PBEndo | 2016年4月4日

I think you are confusing him with his brother, Darryl.

Captain_Zap | 2016年4月4日

Now I am confused.

Paul Carter | 2016年4月4日

FYI: Darryl and I are admins for both the 3 and X tracker websites. It appears for now the sequence numbers aren't going to be used. I've launched the 3 tracker without it to avoid people putting in their RN#s. Hopefully Tesla will publish the tally themselves after the expected 1 week total Elon mentioned in his tweet. For now, the data is still very valuable to the community, so please do register and provide your proposed configuration.

Note: Your username and email are never shared or sold. This is for the community and not for any commercial or promotional purposes.

You can find us both on TMC as well if you want to find out who we are and how much we support Tesla and have been helping the community out with the trackers.

Haggy | 2016年4月5日

From the email:

"In order to be as fair as possible, there will be a different queue for reservations in each region. And as a thank you to our current owners, existing customers will get priority in each region (one priority reservation for each Tesla you own)."

There's nothing that leaves out the Roadster.

billdamron | 2016年4月19日

Don't you mean his other brother Darryl?

Supraman | 2016年4月19日

Paul Carter - I just entered my details into I'm just curious - how do get map coordinates from the information that's entered? From the information that appears when you hover over a dot on the map, you seem to have locations for people that haven't entered their city. Do you use a technology like Skyhook?

Also, I started the thread "Model 3 Configurator (sort of)", which suggests a similar option list to your site. Could you calculate an estimated price for each specification?

warren_tran | 2016年4月19日

Would be nice to know the actual tally number by each region or states.

mystercoco | 2016年4月20日

For information:
RN stand for Reference Number and not Reservation Number.
The only thing that we currently know about priority is given:
- to previous owner
- by region
- base on the reservation date