Is my model 3 reservation linked to my existing MY TESLA account?

Is my model 3 reservation linked to my existing MY TESLA account?

I logged on at 845pm PT and watched the model 3 reveal.

I immediately made my reservation, but no where did I log into "my tesla" account. I used the same email address as I use for "my tesla".

Will my model 3 reservation be linked to my existing account?


Bighorn | 2016年3月31日

That's the idea

kkramer1990 | 2016年3月31日

mine is, just not updated yet

tcuschieri | 2016年3月31日

i tried logging in and did and got booted. I then just went through a new browser and without logging in, put in my email address and I assume my account will be tied to reservation so I get priority as a tesla owner. We will see. Site was slow since everyone in Bay area was reserving one!

mcnulla | 2016年4月1日

I also put in my reservation, but I do not see any confirmation email or notification within the Tesla Motors website. I'm very risk averse. I hope it was successful in getting through.

mohammadsaadhashmi | 2016年4月1日

yeah its been 24 hrs and i reserved it in store and i still havent gotten a confirmation email but the debit card was charged within 5 mins . at this point im literally freaking out

mohammadsaadhashmi | 2016年4月1日

hopefully the associate didnt enter my email wrong! and i cant even get access to my tesla. it keeps on transfering back to model 3 ( reserve now!) may be its a sign

kenneth.raub | 2016年4月1日

I placed my reservation "in-store" in Kansas City. I have yet to receive any confirmation e-mail, but MyTesla shows my Reservation # RN108217352

Bighorn | 2016年4月1日

Y'all need to chill. It'll happen.

awgibson93 | 2016年4月1日

^^I would take that RN out ASAP, you should keep that private.

Bighorn | 2016年4月1日

No way for him or her to edit the post.

DLM270 | 2016年4月1日

I also reserved my Model 3 online last night, and there was no way to identify that i am a Model S owner. Not sure how my reservation will be related to My Tesla account. Hoping name and phone number might be used.

Bighorn | 2016年4月1日

It's linked primarily by email though you could apprise them if you used a different account.

Rasorsmr2 | 2016年4月1日

I went in-person yesterday morning. I called the store today, said it might take 36-48 hrs to get the confirmation email.

marfong | 2016年4月1日

I reserved yesterday. Got email confirmation that I have made a reservation, but no reservation number. Do not own a Tesla. Noticed some who have made a reservation already received a reservation number also. Is a reservation number only given to present owners first?

snydercho | 2016年4月1日

I have a model s and also reserved the 3. My reservation is showing in mytesla log in page.

marfong | 2016年4月2日

Finally got my reservation numbers.

stevenmaifert | 2016年4月2日

Mines's there.