Please make that matte gray available

Please make that matte gray available

I absolutely loved that matte gray Model 3 on stage tonight. I really hope that's an option. Though I wonder how the hockey stick style door handle will look on it.

p5yc071c | 2016年4月1日

Yeah, I'm wondering about that...the MS style door handles look way better!

peterm | 2016年4月1日

+1 , the matte grey one was amazing!

awgibson93 | 2016年4月1日

Yes! It looked fantastic. Definitely would get one in matte

Madatgascar | 2016年4月3日

My choice too, and everyone else I talked to. Looked awesome with the car's very fluid lines.

KP in NPT | 2016年4月3日

He did say it would be available (most likely) in his twitter dump today. I'll see if I can find it....

KP in NPT | 2016年4月3日

Q: I'd bet @elonmusk a matte black model 3 that if he polled all the preorders for intended color it'd be over 90% matte black.

Elon: Matte black was surprisingly popular. Probably makes sense to bring it to production.

Madatgascar | 2016年4月3日

Matte black feels overdone already, and too "badass" for my taste. I was really struck by the matte grey.

KP in NPT | 2016年4月3日

Ah....ok. I think what I thought was silver you are calling grey. I agree - I preferred the silver/grey. I would get that car just as it was on the stage. The same one that was in the "in the wild" video. Everyone loves that one - I'll be sure to tweet elon about it. ;)

OHMY | 2016年4月3日

Please please please. I'd trade in my S on a matte grey one if it were to become available. Oh I love that color.

eye.surgeon | 2016年4月3日

Matte paint requires very special care...more so than what 90% of the buying public are willing/able to manage. It won't be an option. I have a factory matte painted vehicle...I know of what I speak. BMW in fact requires owners sign a special release form for their limited-release matte cars.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月3日

It looked nice, but... The collection of fingerprints on the trunk lid and door panels was astounding. Far worse than a polished, lacquered black would have been...

One thing about it being dechromed... That highlighted that neither the Red nor the Silver versions had the horizontal strip with 'T E S L A' on it across the back either...

N7_Maric | 2016年4月3日

Matte finishes are sooo easy to scratch and nearly impossible to repair damage. I love the look but I would never own it. However, if there's demand and people sign waivers it would be cool for Tesla to offer the choice.

snakes | 2016年4月3日

The Matte better be available....that's what I will order

JeffreyR | 2016年4月3日

I agree this look caught my eye right away:

I also noticed the fingerprints all over the door of the test drive car.

So maybe I'll go w/ that new silver instead. Who knows maybe there's a special coating you can put on it to help. I sure would prefer the bat mobile color!

skirtsanis | 2016年4月4日

I agree on color amazing and the model S style door handles are way nicer, wouldn't you think by keeping them the same it will lower the cost of manufacturing plz Elon use the S style handles

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月6日

RED, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple... Those are colors. Black, White, Silver, and Grey are values.