Any photos with the back hatch open?

Any photos with the back hatch open?

Seeing that solid panel of glass, I wonder how the back hatch will open. Any photos from the event?

JAD | 2016年4月1日

Look at some of the videos. It is a trunk, not a hatch. | 2016年4月1日

I'm not aware of any videos of the trunk opening. They did not demonstrate it at the event that I'm aware of. If you look carefully, you see the glass has a seam in the center of the roof. I suspect this is where the hatch hinge is. The trunk lid by itself looks too small to make a usable trunk.

huy.nguyen.d | 2016年4月1日

Watch the first video they ask to open the trunk.

hateToShift | 2016年4月1日

Good call huy.nguyen.d. First video at 3:30 in, they open the trunk. Definitely not a hatch

KP in NPT | 2016年4月1日

Tesla guy also said something about it not being finalized - that in the end it would be bigger.

Tropopause | 2016年4月1日

Simplicity and cost-effective. Also a single monitor screen will allow for lower maintenance.

skygraff | 2016年4月1日

I think he was just saying there was some prototype equipment in the trunk (probably covered with carpet material) so the cargo space would increase not the trunk opening.

CraigW | 2016年4月1日

IMO, if you need a larger trunk opening, you are going to have to wait for the SUV Model 3 - probably a year or so after the sedan starts shipping.

damonmath | 2016年4月1日

@huy.nguyen.d - Thank you!

JeffreyR | 2016年4月1日

See some pictures I posted in my M≡ Unveiled Post. Thanks @huy.nguyen.d for the pointer.

Pictures include top/back glass roof, manual recessed door handles, and trunk.

phensler | 2016年4月1日

So if it is not a hatchback how does one get an eight foot surf board into it?

JeffreyR | 2016年4月1日

@phensler, Elon said a 7-foot surf board, and the back seats will fold down.

matt | 2016年4月2日

Here is an animated GIF of the trunk opening.

Source: Tesla Motors Club YouTube channel