Please note that members of this Forum are not privy to ANY aspect of Tesla's production. We don't know when, we don't know what, we don't know how much.

What does the RN indicate? We don't know.
When will my reservation show up on My Tesla? Soon.
Why isn't it a hatchback? Because.
Are they going to change the dash? Wait and see.
Does anyone know when the first deliveries will happen? No.
How will we know we got priority over non-owners? You never will.
Will Supercharging be free? It never was, so it never will be.
What about Hawaii? Seasonably warm and sunny.

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I anticipate at least 3 or 4 more threads for each of those questions (except Hawaii) over the next couple weeks.

jordanrichard | 2016年4月2日

Chunky Jr., try over the next couple of years......

Chunky Jr. | 2016年4月2日

Over next couple years there will probably be 50 or more threads for each...

bbeakes | 2016年4月2日

Not sure where this belongs, but here goes. This is what I understand for Model 3 deliveries:
1.* Tesla employees
2.* Space X employees
3.* Tesla current owners
4.* West->East coast
*more options higher placement

So here is where I am unclear. As I understand the manufacturing business they build them in batches of the same spec, thus a 215 range battery with 2 wheel drive they would build however many in one batch, lets say 500 as opposed to saying oh these 2 are 2 wheel, this one is awd, these 3 have pano roof but bigger battery, etc.

So take that into account then try to take what we originally are being told.
Scenarios, you can go talk about a zillion different ones:
-East Coast you have a Model S and order a loaded Model 3 and Space X employee orders a base model, who gets first dibs?

-West coast orders base model 3, guy in Ohio orders loaded model 3, who gets first dibs?

In my mind and I am no expert with manufacturing it seems like the whole division of who gets what logically should be decided based on the config of the Model 3 before anything else. Thus based on this If Tesla says the model 3 will have rwd and awd configs, these 3 battery options, these 5 accessory options (pano roof, weahter pack, etc). Would it not be logical to say that everything is based on config and the delivery of said items are based on actual delivery and not actual ordering.

Everyone gets sent ordering info, the breakdown is done and Tesla sees the breakdown of configurations and builds them like that so they come out in batches. Someone who might be getting lets say a well equipped 3 in Boston along with the 1000 other people across the country gets theirs before the person who owns the Model s and lives in LA and orders a Model 3 base? Actual deliveries happen in relation to 1/2/3/4 after the car is actually config'd and built.

Furthermore, if you are Tesla and you want to generate as much incomes as possible in the shortest amount of time wouldn't you logically have all orders that config their car and the largest block of like configuration gets made first. Thus if out of 100,000 people the breakdown is 50 base, 25 midlevel, 10 awd, 10 better battery, 5 loaded with everything. Wouldn't you blast out the 50,000 base and deliver them, then move to next config as opposed to working on the 5% loaded?

Anyhoo, sorry for my long winded thing, I guess the logic about who gets first dibs on a product based on certain conditions that has multiple configurations does not make sense to me. Sure if the Model 3 only came in one flavor it would but the fact is it will not.

cephellow | 2016年4月2日

Thanks J.T. For starting the model 3 FAQ. Let's keep it bumping along.

Shesmyne2 | 2016年4月2日

I was waiting for this...
Thanks JT and congrats on 2 more!

Still Grinning ;-)

Darryl | 2016年4月2日

Do you not understand there is no car yet? It is just a PRELIMINARY prototype. There isn't anything to measure. In another 12-16 months they may have dimensions.

This is going to be a very long 20+ months. Also please make sure the thread has not already been discussed before posting.

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OK....A new JT FAQ thread. I'm in! :)

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i should've guessed

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In another thread, somebody mentioned the significance of the reservation number: It indicates that you have a reservation. The Tesla rep also told him that the nine digits are random and all it does is associate you with a particular reservation.

Do we know when the first deliveries will be? Yes, they will be the last quarter of 2017 (unless Tesla changes it, but how likely is that?)

How will we know we got priority over non-owners? Because Tesla said so, in writing. They have been quite consistent. Elon even said that if somebody on the reservation list today orders a Model S, that will bump up his priority.

Why isn't it a hatchback? Because Tesla didn't design it that way and said they have no plans to change it. They want a one piece roof.

Are they going to change the dash? According to Elon, no but it will all make sense after part 2 of the reveal.

Will supercharging cost extra? Not if you buy a Model S.

What about Hawaii? One supercharger near the Interstate highway, but you can't drive to another state from there.

Captain_Zap | 2016年4月4日

I do not understand what the big deal is about a big glass roof.

Can I get the car without a console? Pretty Please?

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FAQ bump

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Oy! Now I've got two FAQs to bump. Oops, I should have checked the Model X thread.

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With all the new potential model 3 owners that have never owned a TM vehicle I can see this thread becoming the most important one on the entire TM forum site. GO JT.

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