Hows the head room in the back?

Hows the head room in the back?

So i have sat in a model s at a tesla store and I must say the head room in the back was appalling, I'm only 5'9" and my head was hitting the effing roof and I just couldn't believe they'd design it like that. I've done some reading around on it and apparently the mercedes s class (the one that the model s competes with) has very comparable head room in the back with the model s, is this true? All i can say is I was just shocked, out of every car I have ever sat in, my head has never touched the roof in the back seat, ever! I mean for god's sake how could anyone above 6 ft. even get in the back!

So I have googled this and could only find results about the head room concerning the front seat of the model 3 but not the back seat. I need to know about the head room in the back seat of the model 3, is there anyone here who sat in the back of the model 3 at the unveiling here who can tell me about it? I just cant understand why anyone would buy a car where someone like me whose literally just 5'9" cant even sit in the back whereas every other car in my life, I have never encountered this before, surely they resolved this in the model 3?

jordanrichard | 2016年4月6日

Have you ever sat in the back of a Mercedes CLS, Audi A7 or a VW CC? They all have similar rooflines. Yes the head room in the back of the MS is limited, but that is a result of the car's shape which is optimized for aerodynamics. The MS is a perfect example of function following form.

More specific to your question, in one of the many videos I saw from the Model ≡ event, a gentleman who was 6' 2" was sitting in the back and said he still had 2 inches of headroom. This was accomplished by not make the car a hatchback which allowed them to make the roof all glass from the mid of the car back.

PhillyGal | 2016年4月6日

It's excellent. My test ride was between two men - 5'7" on the left and over 6' on the right. Neither complained.

Tropopause | 2016年4月6日

Model 3 is going to be great! I look forward to enjoying that headroom in the back!

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月6日

It will be... UBER-riffic!

jordanrichard | 2016年4月6日

It will be interesting to see Tesla get 5 stars in every category, with a roof like that.

The reason I say, is that the competition will use whatever they can to ding the car and would probably scare people into believing the car wouldn't be safe in an accident, particularly in a rollover, because of that roof. So, it will be nice to see Tesla get the safety rating they want, despite the roof.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月7日

My guess is that it will get the expected crash test rating BECAUSE of the roof design.

jordanrichard | 2016年4月7日

I agree. I think it will be hilarious when Tesla gets that certification and can show yet again that they build the safest cars on the road, even when it has a glass roof. | 2016年4月7日

Rollover? In order to roll a Model S over you need a fork lift. The M≡ has the same battery pack location and will like share the MS's resistance to rolling over.

eredleaf | 2016年4月7日

You can see / get a sense of the car's interior from the panoramic video I took during my ride along at the unveiling event. You will get a much better sense of the interior if you have a google cardboard headset, but even without one you can still pan around the video. Here is the link:

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月9日

eredleaf: Thanks for the video link!

priustech | 2016年4月9日

Way too cool.

cchouston | 2016年4月9日

I am 6' and sat behind the driver in the test ride and had plenty of head room. I own a Model S, with pano, and can say that the head room is better than in the S. The reason being that in the S the cross support at the C pillar necessitates in the loss of head room. This is an excellent design feature and is, however, what contributes to the fact that there will not be a hatch.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月9日

cchouston: +1! Thank you. That is precisely what I thought.

Ross1 | 2016年4月10日

PG: I agree, I bet they didn't (complain)

Haggy | 2016年4月12日

I agree that in the Model S, headroom in the rear is tight. If a passenger is more than 5' 10" and you don't have the panoramic roof, it won't be comfortable. There's slightly more headroom in the center rear seat, and since there's no hump, being in the center isn't a problem.

If you want more headroom, the Model X might be a better bet. If you want a family car, the Model S will be good for a typical family, but if you have people over 6 feet tall who will be in the back regularly, you might want to think twice, especially without the pano roof.

george210 | 2016年4月12日

To get the most headroom get the Model S with the All Glass Panoramic Roof

DTsea | 2016年4月12日

George the headroom in back with pano ia atill restricted by the hinge beam at top of the hatch which is right above the seatback. Pano only helps front headroom. That is why M3 has no hatch.