What is the turning Radius for model 3

What is the turning Radius for model 3

For model X CEO genius engineer promised "have a tighter turning radius than a Mini"
Mini Turning circle 35.4ft, turning circle for the X is very disappointing 40.7 ft, according to the owners' manual.

dsvick | 2016年4月7日

Since the final, production version has not been released, or even built yet, there is no way to know this. You might get an idea by checking out similarly dimensioned vehicles, but since the final dimensions aren't known yet either it's all fairly iffy.

PhillyGal | 2016年4月7日

This is by no means scientific or an answer to your question but it's really tight. In the test ride the driver turned around in a pretty small space and showcased how "we want you to be able to maneuver that grocery store parking lot with ease."

sp_tesla | 2016年4月7日

PhillyGal | April 7, 2016

That a good news indicator.