Glass Roof Capable of Opening?

Glass Roof Capable of Opening?

I love the glass roof without cross-beams on the Model 3, allowing more headroom and great upper view. I currently have the Pano-roof on my MS but have found I nearly never open the roof (like I did in my old ICE) because I enjoy the Tesla silence too much to deal with the noise intrusion.

Now I am wishing my Pano-roof was simply a solid glass roof and therefore am looking forward to this feature on the Model 3. However, I'm sure there are many who would enjoy opening the roof of their Model 3.

Does anyone think Model 3 will have a roof that opens? I don't see how it would be possible without adding middle cross beam for the hardware.

Maybe Part 2 will "shed some light" on this subject. lol

Bighorn | 2016年4月10日

I think there was mention of an opening pano roof option at the reveal.

jordanrichard | 2016年4月10日

There is a middle crossbeam in the Model ≡. It is the only way the side of the whole car wouldn't collapse if you got T-boned. If you look at the above shots of the car, you will see a seam in the middle of the roof and there is one at the top of the windshield.

So that would indicate that panel can move like our Pano roof. Now what I haven't figured out is where the tracks are like in our Pano roofs.

Bighorn | 2016年4月10日

or maybe Elon tweeted it in his AMA sess.

jordanrichard | 2016年4月10日

Bighorn, no you had it correct the first time. In one of the videos someone asked about the roof options. The driver said it will have either pano roof like the MS or and oddly, a metal roof.

cephellow | 2016年4月10日

@eredleaf posted this fantastic YouTube video on another thread.
Here is the link:
The video clearly shows 2 cross members as @jordan describes.
Additionally, the missed details video from insideevs at the 3:12 mark has the Tesla rep clearly stating that the 3 will have solid and pano options- which would be this middle panel area. My guess is that Tesla will put the pano actuation in the sides (like on the S), you can kind of see those details in the chassis shots behind EM during the reveal. Glass, metal and pano options are all non structural. My guess is that the metal and pano options will allow roof rack mounting.

Haggy | 2016年4月10日

I've never been one to open my pano roof very much, but I'll admit it looks cool to show somebody how to open it with the center console screen.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月11日

If I understood correctly, from the one mention I heard in a video... It would only be the area over the front passenger's heads that would be: fixed glass, panoramic sunroof, or fixed metal. It would still be all glass for those in the rear seat. Seems rather strange to me, but... whatever, and stuff.

yongliangzhu68 | 2016年4月11日

@Red Sage ca us: Yes, I think it will be from the A-pillar (or where it would bet if conventional) to the B-pillar.

JeffreyR | 2016年4月11日

@cephellow "My guess is that the metal and pano options will allow roof rack mounting."

I totally understand why you would think that. I just hope you're wrong. I'd like to get the all-glass roof, but still have the option of a roof rack. Maybe the tow hitch option is a better way to go anyways. Then again a pano roof that could open would be cool....

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月11日

Meh. If it doesn't fit in the car, it's not going. So sayeth the RED, so sayeth the DRIVER!!! LTL shipments really are rather inexpensive, even up to around 300 lbs on a pallet.

noka.aldoroty | 2016年4月12日

Anyone know how one might "close" or provide shade with such a roof? What measures would be taken to prevent the car from heating up to much on a hot day?

carlk | 2016年4月12日

I have both pano roof in my S and pano windshield in my X. Yes I prefer the one piece windshield/roof much more so than the pano roof which I rarely open. We'll see what we will be getting for the 3.