Renderings of Model 3 as a hatchback

Renderings of Model 3 as a hatchback

Personally, I think it looks pretty darn good.
I don't want to drive an SUV or CUV.

casun | 2016年4月10日

no thanks.

inconel | 2016年4月10日

I think it looks like a Mazda 3 now, makes it look cheaper somehow. I am glad that Franz did not use his Mazda background to offer us this design.

IflyI95 | 2016年4月10日

It looks great and yes, Mazda 3ish. Now to get rid of that embarrassing pig nose.

dsvick | 2016年4月10日

Nope, no thanks.

OvrICE | 2016年4月10日

No thanks. Love the current style.

Shesmyne2 | 2016年4月10日

Not for me

Still Grinning ;-)

ishaik | 2016年4月10日

Hate it

mos6507 | 2016年4月10日

Considering that I'm coming over from a Mazda 3, I would love this.

MarlonBrown | 2016年4月10日

I don't like it. Definitely a Mazda. The sedan as is looks really appealing.

Bighorn | 2016年4月10日


Orthopod | 2016年4月10日

This is exactly what I need actually.

lph | 2016年4月10日

I don't like it.
Also, it will never get 0.21 drag coeff or anything close with that shape.

Remnant | 2016年4月10日

@ lph (April 10, 2016)

<< ... it will never get 0.21 drag coeff or anything close with that shape. >>

It might tho, after side rearview cameras replace the side rearview mirrors.

MarlonBrown | 2016年4月10日

EVolution, how about getting the Mazda electric?

FelixMendeldog | 2016年4月10日

The Model S is a hatchback and it looks fantastic. These renderings look like Mazda, not Tesla.

Tropopause | 2016年4月10日

Tesla will do a better hatchback than that one. Model Y or whatever.

KP in NPT | 2016年4月10日

I'm sorry but that is hideous.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月10日

Theophilus Chin does truly awesome renderings of cars. I have enjoyed seeing his work since I first learned of his site. This seems to be a redux of a concept he came up with some time ago, only using the correct front end for the Model ☰ instead of the Model X Prototype front end he used before. This is what I wrote on his site:

Another collection of awesome renderings! Of course, the likelihood that Tesla Motors will release a car to compete with the Lexus CT200h is so far below zero as to be ridiculous... But thanks for showing us what might have been.

Now, if you want to see what it would really look like? Remove the rear window wiper. Leave the rake of the rear windshield the same [as the original]. Move the cut line for the trunk higher on the [C-Pillar]. Remove the rear doors. Extend the front doors to make it a Coupe -- with Falcon Wing Doors.


Hi_Tech | 2016年4月11日

No, thank you!
Sorry, but you are completely loosing the Tesla DNA with these hatchback styles.
Yes the Model S is technically a hatchback, but it looks like a sedan... a beautiful sedan. I'm willing to see similar style for Model 3, but don't want these Mazda/Prius/Fit look. Makes the Tesla look and feel like a $20k car, instead of the $40k feel that we want (i.e. Audi/BMW/etc.).

PhillyGal | 2016年4月11日

Nope, nope, nope.

When Tesla becomes a global operation in some years, they'll have something that satisfies our hatch-obsessed Eurpoean brethren. For now, Sedans and CUVs are King.

Captain_Zap | 2016年4月11日

It looks cheap, slow and ugly. The triple crown of No!

DTsea | 2016年4月11日


ejlada | 2016年4月11日

If you want a Nissan Leaf why not just buy one? I have a hatch. It cost me $21K. If I'm spending $40K I'm looking to step up into a moderately nice sedan suitable for business. I don't want an overpriced hatch. At Teslas price-point the competition is the Mercedes C or BMW 3-Series, not Mazda.

AlMc | 2016年4月11日

I prefer the TM prototype.....but unlike others, I would buy one if this was the design. Looking for a smaller 'S' for my daughter and potentially myself.......and if it is to be a hatch, the second row seats better fold ;)

dd.micsol | 2016年4月11日

Nope. Thank though.

f3rretus | 2016年4月11日


Looks too much like a masda. Tesla Model 3 is unique and is not supposed to be a copy of far inferior product.

sosmerc | 2016年4月11日

I like the sedan, but I also really like the idea of a hatchback and this rendering would work for me. Re: Mazda...they make really good cars and they are fun to drive. Love my 2010 MX-5 with the power hardtop.
I am sure with time that Tesla will have a variety of offerings that will "fit" on the standard skateboard and there will be something for everyone. (fingers crossed...a real truck someday):..............

deeageux | 2016年4月11日

"The Model S is a hatchback and it looks fantastic."

Not so. The Model S is a liftback sedan.

Shrink it from 197" to 180" and there is no headroom.

Raise the C pillar to allow headroom now you increase aerodynamic drag and make it look ugly.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月11日

This is the version he did in 2013, dubbed 'Tesla Model C', back when everyone thought the Generation III vehicles would be designed to compete against Volkswagen Golf, even though Tesla Motors never said any such thing.

aitalan | 2016年4月12日

I will take the hatchback..

Made in CA | 2016年4月12日

I like it. Nice rendering. I love 5 doors - it is one of the best parts of the Model S.

MarlonBrown | 2016年4月12日

Sosmerc, I am not sure you can see a difference between a Mazda vs BMW, Lexus and Tesla cars. The new Leaf will be coming at certain point with improved range. That is a good hatch and Nissan makes good cars too.

Hi_Tech | 2016年4月12日

@deeageux: +1 I like your classification: "The Model S is a liftback sedan."

"5th door" is very nice in the Model S. But, it's not an ugly hatchback!
I'm sure that over time, Tesla will make a version that will meet these needs... most likely will be the Model Y we are assuming. Please do not try to force the change on these vehicles right now. They will be two separate vehicles. (IMHO)

adias.angel | 2016年4月12日

Not something I would buy.

sosmerc | 2016年4月12日

For me, it's still mostly about range and the convenience of fast charging when I am away from home. It's hard to beat the current ease and availability of gas (not to mention the current low prices of fuel). When BEV vehicles can easily achieve 275 miles (even in cold weather) I think alot more people will be interested. And when a decent BEV truck arrives THAT will really change the landscape. I can't help but notice all of the new pickups on the road in my area.

Bill Korea | 2016年4月12日

Note that this attractive hatchback form could easily be ruined by jacking it up several inches, enlarging the dimensions slightly, substituting some older technology, and maybe some useless luxury. Call it an SUV/CUV and it would surely be popular, judging by the ever-growing light truck segment. Hatchbacks and SUVs seem to be considered at the opposite ends of the automotive spectrum, but they have exactly the same form. Ground clearance, poor handling and visibility, and unused volume makes one of them particularly inefficient on the road, but these same attributes become hooks for marketing to ignorant consumers.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月12日

sosmerc: +1! Good points. A full-sized pickup truck with a 200 kWh battery pack in a crew cab dually dual motor all wheel drive configuration is probably going to fetch 300,000 preorders in a single night.

Bill Korea: +1! Excellent observations. I've also noted that so-called mini-SUVs are effectively the same as compact tall wagons, only with a higher body clearance, knobby tires, roof rack, and a spare tire bolted to the rear door.

thegute | 2016年4月12日

This would make me not buy the car. I'm already in love with the look of the real Model 3, although I know it's going to change before it makes it to production, but hopefully not too much.

bob | 2016年4月12日

Not for me. don't like that look. This look is better for a shorter car like a Golf. If it went hatchback I'd prefer it to open like the Model S.