When order time comes will it be possible to delay confirming an order?

When order time comes will it be possible to delay confirming an order?

A new Tesla fan here and was not able to find an answer to my question on the Model S or X forums.

When I placed a preorder for Model 3 I was probably around spot 350,000. I purposely waited so it would give more time to save up more money and also time for possible new upgrades and features to come out. I expect the soonest I could possibly get the opportunity configure my Model 3 is 2019 and possibly not until 2020.

Lets just suppose that is Tesla is able to ramp up product much quicker than expected and sent me an email to request me to configure my Model 3 sooner than I expected.

If I am not ready to order the car yet can I just wait and not do anything until I am ready to order?

Based upon past history what have they allowed customers to do on Model S and Model X preorder reservations?
Did they force users to order their car within X amount of time?
If so, did they lose their spot in line if they did not order their car in time?

cephellow | 2016年4月19日

If they ramp up fast enough to get to #350,000 before you are ready, then you shouldn't be concerned. You simply can get your money back and order the car when you are ready, since Tesla will be making them fast enough at that point that the lead time will be fairly short.
The Tesla S was the same story-really really long initial lead times, but now, only 3 years later, only about 6 weeks lead time maximum. You are in good shape.

jbunn | 2016年4月19日

I'm familiar with the Model S reservation program and they did allow reservation holders to defer to a later date (once, as I recall). I don't recall anyone feeling put out, or strong-armed to order. Tesla has been great regarding it's treatment for it's owners. I expect that will continue, so I wouldn't worry about it now.

PhillyGal | 2016年4月20日

I'm sure you'll be able to if that happens because there will be plenty more folks who got in line after you (or after they stated seeing them on the road) to make the car for.

But @cephellow is also correct that if they happen to ramp up that well, you might easily be able to cancel and re-order. That's extra work though for both you and Tesla so if I were them I'd definitely accommodate a deferred purchase.

Hi_Tech | 2016年4月20日

Yes. :-) Short answer.

Longer answer: If you are worried that you will not have enough money, you are aware of financing option, right? I got the Model S with a 3% finance through Tesla's program. Doesn't require me to have all of the money up front. Hope that helps.

carlk | 2016年4月20日

In the case of S and X you don't need to place the order and still can hold your place but eventually the reservation makes no difference when production ramps up.

nephipower | 2016年4月20日

@cephellow my biggest concern would be that even once production ramps up the max capacity Tesla will have for ALL Tesla cars will be 500k. If for example, there end being like 800k preorders before the first Model 3 is delivered. Then it could be a very long wait for me if I have to go to the back of the line.

@Hi_Tech I am definitely aware of financing options. I just try to be extremely frugal with my money and try to avoid debt as much as possible.

@carlk thanks the info. It is very good to know you can just sit and wait to place an order. If you choose to do that it just holds your place.

jordanrichard | 2016年4月20日

Like the MS and MX, you can select when you want your car made/delivered. Like right now if you order a MS, the earliest you will get it is May, but that doesn't mean you can request a Sept. delivery date. So when you are able to configure your car and you need more time to save up more money, then request a delivery date that falls in line with that.

nephipower | 2016年4月20日

How far ahead of time are you able to request the delivery date to be?

Tâm | 2016年4月20日


Current Reservation Agreement does not mention deferrals but prior version did.

"you have the option to relinquish your reservation sequence position and defer to a later position to be
determined by us (only one deferral is permitted)."

The earliest time that you should call Tesla up for deferral is when you got an e-mail inviting you to configure your car. (Right now you can configure Model S, Model X without a need for invitation but you do for Model ≡.

The purpose of 1 time deferral is to let you slide down somewhat down the line but not all the way to the end once.

warren_tran | 2016年4月20日

You will have 3 years to save up. I would put that money invest in some safe mutual funds or stock that earn good dividends for that period. You will get long term capital tax but that is like only 15% for the gain. Much better than just let the money fall behind due to inflation.

Haggy | 2016年4月21日

In the past, you could work out putting it off, maybe once, and then had the option of moving to the end of the line if you still wanted to defer. But since you can cancel a reservation and make a new one, that will always be an option.

swingshiftworker | 2016年4月25日

If you plan to buy a base model w/o options (as I do) you will probably be able to defer or significantly delay the delivery date, since I've read that "priority" will go to those who buy fully options (read: expensive) models before others.

Haggy | 2016年4月26日

Tesla never said that priority would go to cars with more options. They did that with past cars, but this time around they have different goals. They want the press to report that Tesla was successful at producing a $35,000 car.

swingshiftworker | 2016年4月26日

It has been reported as early as Feb 2016 that, beyond the priority will go 1st to the West Coast and then to previous Tesla buyers that:

"Elon announced during the Q4 earnings call the most heavily optioned cars will be built first. So a person who plunks down a deposit on an entry level, no frills car will wait longer that the customer who ticks every box in the Model 3 Design Studio even if the reservation is received later."


swingshiftworker | 2016年4月26日

Edit to above:

It has been reported as early as Feb 2016 that, beyond the priorities that will go 1st to the West Coast and then to previous Tesla buyers, that: . . .

Haggy | 2016年4月28日

That article is full of inaccuracies, and there are other places where Elon mentioned that it hurt Tesla to start off with the most fully optioned vehicles. Also, we know as a fact that Tesla doesn't give priority to West Coast deliveries on an ongoing basis. If Tesla did have a car to sell in Aroostook County, Maine, and there were others in that geographical region, and Tesla had Delivery Specialists in that region waiting for cars, Tesla would send the cars their first if it's close to the beginning of a quarter, since they'd get there in time to count as revenue for the quarter. They could afford to wait until there are only a few weeks left to the quarter before sending that truck to Los Angeles. They could make cars for Fremont delivery when there are only days left until the end of the quarter. In fact, they have a history of doing that. As long as Tesla is set up throughout the nation to make deliveries, they aren't going to swamp their staff in Los Angeles with 500 cars a week that people have to pick up, and do the same for Fremont, because they don't have the staff for it. If Tesla is making 1000 cars a week or more, their only option is to ship them around the country. They will not be able to ramp up to 1000 cars a week and keep deliveries in one region.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月28日

Haggy: Correct. Especially since, I'm thinking they will have to START at 2,000 per week on Production vehicles, and ramp up to 4,000 per week when it comes to Model ☰. Otherwise, no one will see The WAIT drop below two years for the next five years.