Idea For Tesla Marketing and Customer Service

Idea For Tesla Marketing and Customer Service

With Tesla now sitting with over 350,000 orders for the Model 3, it appears to me that it would be a fantastic service to its customers to inform us as to our position within each regional queue. This information could be made available in our account and would be updated once a month to reflect deliveries and cancellations. Additionally, know a little more about the roll out strategy would be helpful. For example, do all orders for a region have to be filled before the next region receives any vehicles or is it all of the orders that preceded ones order in time have to be filled. If the former, since they keep taking new orders does that mean someone in New Mexico has to wait until all orders from CA, NV, AZ and UT have to be filled first? Will they require a specific configuration or will the orders be customized and will it make any difference on deliveries?

It seems to me that by having an open and well defined process customers can rest assured that the company is treating them fairly and that those of us that rushed to place an order and tie up our funds are rewarded for our efforts. I don't think that making it a mystery process is the way to treat your potential future customers. It would also reduce calls from buyers wanting to know where they are in the queue and increase web site visits to check on current status and to be informed on the latest status of production. While Apple started this pre-order business they at least knew to provide the prospective buyer with a delivery window (which could change). Something similar from Tesla would be great!

jamilworm | 2016年4月25日

I think that Tesla probably doesn't even know exactly how deliveries will be prioritized yet. And for that reason they can't guarantee anyone a particular spot in line. Especially because (I have heard in the forums, but I did not actually witness the quote myself) one of the factors to priority is the number of options one chooses. So someone who reserved their car in California 1 hour before the reveal might get car #20,000 if they choose the base model or they might get car #1,000 if they fully upgrade.

I kind of get the feeling (not really based on any specific evidence) that the actual order in line will be one of the least important factors for prioritizing deliveries. My guess is that the priority will be like this:

1. Employees
2. Location (starting in CA, then moving north and then east).
3. Options
4. Time of reservation.

So I think after employees the first group to get deliveries will be California residents who fully upgrade, and that would maybe be the first 1,000 in line who fall into that category. Then the first #### in line who are CA residents with fewer upgrades. If that is the case then for someone on the east coast who wants base model, they may not get much benefit from having waited in line.

Of course this is all just speculation I could be way off.

Nexxus | 2016年4月26日

You know, you're talking about Tesla Motor Company, right? They're just not that into communicating with the public.

dsvick | 2016年4月26日

I'm with jamil, I don't think they know yet other than a vague idea of how they are going to prioritize things. Right now they are still watching as reservations climb past 400,000 and saying, "Well shit, now what do we do?"

From everything I've read that has been said by Tesla, Elon, and on the forums I envision something like this:
People will be invited to configure their car based on their region and their position in the reservation queue, with prior owners and employees getting a bump forward. This will be done by region moving outward from the factory. Keep in mind everyone keeps saying "region" but there is no definition of a region, it could be time zones, it could be longitude, it could simply distance from the factory in 500 mile increments.

Either way, I think they pick a number, say 2,000, and invite the first 2,000 from the first region to configure, then a few days/weeks later then first 2,000 from the next region, and so on. Once all the people in the group of 2,000 have configured they'll prioritize them based on configuration.

Then just cycling through the regions, as production ramps up they increase the size of each group that is asked to configure.

Keep in mind this is all guess work and they could just be using a magic 8 ball for all I know :)

One thing I can say, almost certainly, is that they will not wait until all orders for a region have been completed before moving on to the next. That would be incredibly poor customer service and would mean anyone who placed a reservation at 10AM on the 31 would be behind someone who just reserved one this morning if they happened to be further West, and I don't see Tesla shooting themselves in the foot that way.

PhillyGal | 2016年4月26日

@john - Nice thought but no. For so many reasons, no.

@jamil - You have the right idea and I'm willing to bet Tesla has and will continue to sit in meetings and discuss the plan a million different ways to get the right delivery mix.

jordanrichard | 2016年4月26日

Perhaps we will get a little more insight at/from the shareholders meeting. We will certainly get an update on the number of reservations.

jamilworm | 2016年4月26日

@dsvick, oh yeah I forgot about previous ownership. And I didn't mean to imply that everyone in California would get them first, but I was thinking something like you described where it would be a certain chunk of the first X number of people. I think you described it better than I did but that sounds right to me.

It is definitely certain that it won't just be a chronological delivery based on reservation time scattered all over the world with random configuration options.

Haggy | 2016年4月26日

I think it would do more harm than good. Suppose Tesla could give me a number. What number should it be? Should it be my position in the west coast queue? Should it be where I stand in the non-employee queue? The current owner queue? That might be helpful, because I live near Fremont, own a Tesla, and was in line that morning. But if I lived in Peoria, had no idea how many cars Tesla planned to deliver to each region before they started delivering to any other region, had no idea when production will start, had no idea how many vehicles Tesla will be able to make during the first quarter of production (and even if I did, that would still give me a three month window, which is far from accurate), had no idea how fast Tesla would be able to ramp up, then even if I assume that options won't affect build order, I can't see how I'd be any better off than I already am when it comes to determining when I might get my car.

topher | 2016年4月26日

If Tesla were another car company, they might put up a website that let's you configure your car and get a reservation number, and then confirm. One option would be, move my position in line up 100 places - $1,000.

Fortunately Tesla is run by engineers, not accountants. They will maximize on user happiness to the best of their ability.

Thank you kindly. | 2016年4月26日

Thankfully they don't have dealers ready to rip everyone off like other manufacturers do with limited production. No "Dealer markup" scams is so nice to see with Tesla.

slasher0016 | 2016年4月26日

They said they're going to be fair and I really hope that's the case. I'm in the Midwest but I ordered on the very first day. I'm going to get at least $15k in options. I hope someone in California getting the base model who ordered on April 9th doesn't have priority over me (non-employee, non-previous owner.) We'll see though. I get California in neighboring areas getting "some" priority, but it only takes a few days to ship a car from west coast to east coast.

Haggy | 2016年4月26日

Shipping from the West Coast to the East Coast isn't the problem. Making one car, arranging for transportation at the last minute, sending it by itself, and having a Delivery Specialist ready is obviously not going to be cost effective. Knowing how many cars are coming out of the factory, how many are destined to a particular region, building them at the same time, loading them up on the same train car, and shipping them to that region when a local store is expecting them makes more sense. That's the process that Tesla will have to get going region by region, and the first step will be getting production up to speed. The process will have to happen well before it's completely up to speed or they will have too many cars on one end of the county and won't have the staff to coordinate deliveries. They won't want the factory making cars at capacity without having a way of sending out cars throughout the nation so that staff all over the country has work to do and nobody is overloaded. And they won't want the factory to run at less capacity than it's capable of. So their only choice will be to move on and head toward the Midwest and beyond as fast as they can.

bj | 2016年4月26日

I think Tesla will fulfil the 115,000 "line up" orders in full before starting the production cycle again. Think about it - 115,000 cars is more than Tesla's entire car production to date since inception. Tesla has clearly done the full regional/global production cycle with the 100k cars it has shipped to date, so why would they not do the same with a similar quantity of Model 3's? You know it makes sense.

Also it would be great recognition and reward for those who lined up, people who demonstrated so much faith in Tesla that they put their deposit down on a car *sight unseen* - Tesla can return that faith with delivery priority.

bj | 2016年4月26日

And after the initial run of 115k (in reality less due to cancellations) then subsequent cycles across the globe will be progessively shorter until, in effect, BTO is a 6-8 week process and there is no real delay for any customer.

Let's say the initial run of 115k cars takes 9 months to fulfil. That means someone in California who reserved online post-reveal on 31 March will not get their car until mid-2018, 9 months after locals who lined up. That's seems "fair and reasonable" to me.

But the next cycle of 100k car production will take only about 5 months (Oct 2018), the 100k after that 4 months (Feb 2019), and Tesla will almost "catch up" with the 500k+ preorders by mid-late 2019. Assuming nothing goes seriously wrong with production at any stage!

dd.micsol | 2016年4月26日

All I know is I ordered 3/31 at 11:43am in MA. I live in Northern VT. If I'm not up in the queue to get a tax incentive-I'll be pretty ticked off. I know I can't expect to get a full one, but getting one after only 2 hrs of open order time-knowing I'm about 60k in the queue of orders-max orders from all stores and employees. If I don't get a car in relative time frame-Like they deliver 100k cars to just the west coast first-I'll be steaming mad.
Do I expect this scenario to happen-No, I don't. Will I be getting a minimal 3 - no, nor will it be maxed out. I recall Elon saying it wouldn't matter what options you picked-it was a tweet a while back-I hope he keeps his word there.
I would expect my car in 2018 without a doubt-if they start delivering them in 2017.
I'm reasonable and own my own business and understand business models.
I would say that by the time 3 rolls out - there should be repair centers everywhere so I don't understand the location so much. I wouldn't expect a car so bad I couldn't drive it normally. If there were a recall-I'd do it as soon as I could on my own time.
My gut tells me that Elon will find a way to get all those who stood at stores first crack at the car not matter what region they are in-whatever 'region' means.
Employees locally-to beta test the car and get feedback for 1 month.
make any changes that are in immediate need
Then all other employees
Then other Tesla owners who ordered on the 31st.
Then a set amount to each region in cycle. Whether that number is 10k or 20k- but could be as low as 500 cars per cycle. I really don't know. Just saying what I think here. I know I'm all the way across the country but don't treat me differently for that-that's bad business. Took me 9 hrs to do this ordering on first day. 3hr drive 2.5hr in line wait and 3 hr drive back.
I trust Tesla to do what's right.
I think if you're in a batch of cars to be delivered to a region-that batch 500 cars or 10k cars maybe from most options to least options.
Again, all of us are just speculating. I'll be patient and believe more info will be release in unveil 2 which will answer most of these types of questions.

john | 2016年4月26日

While I agree with many of the comments made here, I still think it would be relatively simple to create the kind of list I proposed. That is; define the regions and specify the priority groups within region and the numerical order of orders within each region/group such as western region, employee, prior owner, etc..

jamilworm | 2016年4月26日

I agree with most who say that Tesla should/will deliver to all those (in the US) who waited in line before delivering to locals who ordered after the reveal. What I am not sure about is if "in line" means on early on the 31st, or just before the reveal. I happened to be travelling in Japan during that time and I managed to get to the Tesla store in Tokyo at 7:20 pm on the 31st, which happened to be midday on the 1st in Japan. I hope I fall into the early priority group.

@John, you are right that if they have the priority list all figured out then they could assign numbers. But I think the biggest issue is that they probably don't have it all figured out yet. Also even if they did, I don't think they want people to know exactly how priority was decided, and with actual queue numbers people would be able to compare with each other and figure out the scheme. It would just lead to some people getting upset about the unfairness of it all. Of course when deliveries start happening people could try to figure it out at that point but by then I think everyone will be so excited that deliveries have started they'll be less interested in analyzing the priority scheme.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年4月28日

Haggy wrote, "That's the process that Tesla will have to get going region by region, and the first step will be getting production up to speed."

+1! Correct! That's why Tesla Motors is expanding their presence with Tesla Stores and Service Centers, along with starting legal action to get their preferred distribution method authorized in every State, without restriction.

Haggy | 2016年4月28日

The problem is that Tesla's statements were too ambiguous for them to be able to say at this point that they'd fill the 115,000 first and then do online orders. Those who are current owners might not have lined up because they were told that their orders will get priority. If you are 800th in the queue for current customers, is it fair to say that there are 115,000 people ahead of you when you were told you'd get priority so you waited for online sales to open up?

warren_tran | 2016年4月28日

I hope they start open up more stores and repair service center on the East side of Portland, OR. Right now, we have only 1 location for the whole Portland metropo area which is pretty bad since our popuplation is over 1 million people. There are plenty of EV owners especially in the NW.