Is there other options at design time?

Is there other options at design time?

Just wondering if the design studio is really just taking all the, what I consider quick and dirty, options and putting them in a final config or if there are other minor options available?

jordanrichard | 2016年4月27日

I don't think Tesla even knows how they will structure the options. You are realistically looking at 15 more months before the first reservation holders will be contacted to configure their cars. | 2016年4月27日

I'm 100% sure there will be options. Take a look at the Model S or X configurator to get an idea what options are available there. Obviously, not all the options will be on the Model 3, but expect exterior and interior color options, leather options, larger wheel/rim options at a minimum.

At one point may analysis showed that Tesla had over 23 million configuration possibiities for the Model S alone: | 2016年4月27日

... my analysis ...

danCE | 2016年4月27日

Elon and others at the rollout (see various YouTube videos) have already mentioned a number of options that will be available:

-- Rear motor (base) or dual motor
-- Battery pack size
-- Operable sunroof
-- Autopilot (hardware will be there but there'll be a fee to enable the software)
-- Supercharging (hardware will be there; open question as to whether activating it will cost extra)
-- Obviously, different paint colors for the exterior

Beyond that, no-one knows what other options will be available (different wheel sizes, different interior fabrics and finishes, etc.) To keep costs down and simplify manufacturing, there will probably be fewer options than the S and X. Also, because of the huge backlog, my guess is that some planned options may initially not be available, again to simplify manufacturing and accelerate deliveries.

chuck | 2016年4月27日

Other items,

1) Elon Tweeted a tow hitch option will be available on Model 3.
2) Hard roof, glass roof and pano-sunroof will all be available.
3) Synthetic Leather (Vegan Interior) will be an option.

jordanrichard | 2016年4月27日

"Synthetic Leather", that is called vinyl.