After one month still nothing in myTesla

After one month still nothing in myTesla

I've done something wrong in the first time : wrong email during my reservaiton

Than I've made an MyTesla account with my real email.

Nothing was coming in my mail, so I've made a call at my local dealer. They change my email in their account.

So I receive a thanks email.

But not RN, nothing on mytesla account

send some mails, one of those got a reply (not all of them)

Then a guy answer me 2 weeks after, and doesn't know what to do, so he transfer the case to California,

A guy from CA call me a week after to say that he will do something, then send to the Informatic for the Mystesla account... It was 2 weeks ago

There I am

arnaud.bouchoux.82 | 2016年4月28日

The guy answer my email the 8th of April, got the call the 14th.