Xpel Stealth on white or blue?

Xpel Stealth on white or blue?

Hi there,

saw the pictures of the blue with xpel stealth and it looks great.

I am leaning towards a perl white however wonder what the pearl white would look like with an Xpel stealth on top?. or it may be too much matte? How matte is the pearl white?


Softwizard | 2016年5月7日

*Disclaimer: I am not affliated in any way with the owner or anyone else at Clear Bra North Dallas or XPEL*
I was simply a customer who made a choice after doing a lot of research here.

If you want to see what my pearl white looks like with XPEL on it, check out the photo gallery at Brent (the owner) will email you more/bigger pictures if you want.

I went with the "ultimate" package, which is the whole front. I am very happy with his work and the wrap looks great. I did XPEL (vs Suntek) for the extra rock-chip protection. Brent told me both products are excellent, wiht subtle differences.

jsmooth | 2016年5月9日

HI! Actually I did that car in you linked the write up too and I've done a pearl white S in stealth as well. Hope this helps!

aewillys | 2016年5月10日

@ Sotfwizard: thanks for the link. checking this out.

@ jsmooth: the original white colour on your link was solid white or pearl white?

Still hesitating between expel stealth on pearl white or on the blue.