Please enable reservation for the MODEL 3 in Bahrain

Please enable reservation for the MODEL 3 in Bahrain

The Tesla Model 3 can reserved from the UAE but in Bahrain. Why? Please enable reservations from Bahrain. I myself will reserve one if you do and I know a lot of friends who really want to reserve one. So please include Bahrain in the countries' list in the reservation website. Since UAE is added, I don't think Bahrain will be hard because its only a couple of hundred miles from the UAE. PLEASE ADD BAHRAIN.

DTsea | 2016年5月13日

Why not? Obviously because they dont want to enter that market yet.

Haggy | 2016年5月15日

It would probably be easier and cheaper for Tesla to fly you into the UAE and probably more practical for you to make the trip yourself until Tesla catches up with current demand. I think what you are suggesting is an excellent idea, but they will have to start off in the US, and as production ramps up, move into other countries as they have the capacity and they can prove that they meet government regulations. I have no idea what standards Bahrain has for automobiles, but it's likely a bit more involved than just deciding to ship cars there.

bj | 2016年5月15日

Gee, would EVs even be legal on the Arabian peninsula? They could be considered "treasonous" :)

EVino | 2016年5月15日

Let's not politicize it. Humans want to drive quick silent cars powered by electrons.

SCCRENDO | 2016年5月15日

@bj. I'm happy to applaud OP. These guys want to drive EVs in oil producing countries. Perhaps it would be a good idea to make extra accommodations for buyers in the Gulf States. Suggest OP call Tesla and find out why. Tell them you have 100 buddies who want to bring Tesla to Bahrain.

carlos | 2016年5月22日

Why Dude? you're swimming in oil !!!

SCCRENDO | 2016年5月22日

@Carlos. That's not nice. We have an oil guy "swimming in oil" who wants to decrease fossil fuel use. Perhaps he can be an environmental leader in his country and you want to discourage him. I reckon he probably deserves a Tesla more than you

carlos | 2016年5月22日

Ay Caramba! Chill out dude, I'm not denying global warming (we all know how that "gets you").

SCCRENDO | 2016年5月22日

Sure it gets me Carlos but you are being a jerk about a guy who wants to bring EVs to Bahrain

U9617 | 2019年7月3日

Why till now, no reservation from Bahrain could be selected?
It is a customer demand!