$1400 to tow my Tesla to an Authorized Service Center?

$1400 to tow my Tesla to an Authorized Service Center?

I ran into a deer on the highway in my Model S. Telsa told me there are no authorized body shops in Vermont. The closest one is 4 hours away, a $1,400 round trip tow job. I talked with the Jonathan, the service manager in Watertown, MA and he told me Telsa couldn't help with the tow because it's a non-warranty issue.

When I bought my Tesla I was concerned there was no service center in Burlington, Vermont where I live. The sales team assured me Tesla would provide good service options. I don't feel Tesla is honoring this pledge and I am researching my options.

Has this happened to anybody else?


Mike83 | 2016年6月6日

Your insurance should cover it? That isn't Tesla's responsibility. I hope the deer ran into you and not as you stated as the insurance may not cover it.

vperl | 2016年6月6日

I have triple AAA and will have towing included in my car coverage. Probably will not cover everything, but a good portion.

T90KWH | 2016年6月6日

Is there any manufacturer that covers the cost of accident damage tows?

Thought not.

jordanrichard | 2016年6月7日

Accident - service. These are 2 different things.

purepwnage5000 | 2016年6月7日

Rent a U-Haul truck and trailer and take it there yourself. Far cheaper.