Just in! Reservation ID

Just in! Reservation ID

This is a screenshot from ‘My Tesla’ page. It’s where you find your non-sequential reservation number. In my case, RN1078XXXXX. I’m redacting a few numbers, I don’t know what someone could do with this, but I’m not taking any risk – so other numbers will be redacted in this post, but you will still get the point.

From this page, you can access the source code by pressing Ctrl+U or right clicking and then ‘view page source’.

In the source, you want to look for the ‘reservation id’. You can launch a search (Ctrl+F) and type ‘common_reservation_id’:frederic's tesla res idYou will find a 6-digit value attached to reservation id. Based on early data, it looks like this number could be a sequential reservation number worldwide starting from the value of 300,000 or maybe 350,000?

For example, I reserved minutes before the Model 3 unveil event started on March 31st and my number is ‘412,XXX’ and by the time the presentation was over, there were ~130,000 reservations.

An even better example, my publisher Seth reserved two Model 3 in-store during the 31st. It was hours before my reservation and he got two in the 380,XXX with only a value of 15 between them.

If you guys want more info check out

KP in NPT | 2016年6月7日

Thread on TMC. Based on responses, it does seem the reservation ID does correspond with time of order. Mine does.

kcvetkov | 2016年6月7日

I don't think this is a serial number of the reservation. I put my reservation down before noon on 03/31 (central time) and my values are:

Cesg12290 | 2016年6月7日

That seems correct kcvetkov... If you read the article it states that the numbers most likely start at 350,000 and go from there... being you are 388,000 makes sense. I have read those reserving after April such as myself to be in the 500-600k

Cesg12290 | 2016年6月7日

I'm 690xxx from April 11

slasher0016 | 2016年6月7日

417xxx from March 31st, an hour or so before the reveal.

mwenn1 | 2016年6月7日

I reserved at store on the 31st, around noon AZ time. 387,xxx

dsvick | 2016年6月7日

I hope it's not correct - I reserved mine at 10:30am EST on the 31st in the store and my id is 592,xxx.

slasher0016 | 2016年6月7日

I went through most of that TMC thread, there are a few odd ball ones like yours dsvick, so not really sure what to think of those.

farhan.ali1 | 2016年6月7日

reserved at store in Dallas, TX on 3/31 ~11am CST

atillahun83 | 2016年6月7日

Reserved online after presentation on 31st my number is 472,xxx.

KP in NPT | 2016年6月7日

Mine was at about 10:08-9 am, 371xxx

PhillyGal | 2016年6月7日

If so and they start with 350,000, I'm a very happy camper.

challinor1 | 2016年6月7日

416XXX, reserves as soon as it opened in the UK

challinor1 | 2016年6月7日

416XXX, reserves as soon as it opened in the UK

WattsThatGrin | 2016年6月7日

366xxx and 366yyy Geneva, Switzerland on 31st, 10th in line at store opening.

Aussies or others more east, any lower?

gobzer | 2016年6月7日

366XXX Geneva on 31st, last in the line at store opening.

suresh7745 | 2016年6月7日

385xxx 31st afternoon eastcoast.

SV Az | 2016年6月7日

I reserved in Scottsdale A.Z around 11:30 a.m. My no is 394XXX . I am wondering if it is their actual reservation no. starting Model S. Like a central DB table of all reservations , and this common_reservation_id is the key to this table. In that case there is no way to see if the no. started at 300000 OR 350000. It could be all reservations no. including cancellations/duplicates.

suresh7745 | 2016年6月7日

no one has one below 300k?

shawnmark88 | 2016年6月7日

Looks like it might be a good indicator. April 1st around 10 am and I'm 55XXXX.
Thinking I'm going to be right at the cut off for a full tax credit. I hope the ordering system allows me to get a dual motor one reserved but if I can't make the full tax incentive to drop it to a more base model version for half credit.

jdanielp_uk | 2016年6月7日

My posting attempts seem to have blocked me from this thread :(

jdanielp_uk | 2016年6月7日

Or not... Will it actually post 365XXX shortly after opening in the UK on 31st?

jdanielp_uk | 2016年6月7日

Aha! Maybe it was taking exception to my starting the post with a number (and foolishily not including Xs to being with).

davediep | 2016年6月7日

We reserved two model 3 on 3/31 around 10:30AM at the San Jose store with common_reservation_ID: 508xxx.

adias.angel | 2016年6月7日

@suresh7745 It looks like the numbers may have started at 350,000. A tesla/spacex employee posted theirs and it was 351XXX.

nscheepers | 2016年6月7日

Seems to make sense. Netherlands april 4 res. ID 6466..

peter.chwiecko | 2016年6月7日

Ordered on April 8th and mine is RN...296XXX.

millsdmb | 2016年6月7日

41551X, east coast, first tesla order, placed 9:30pm on March 31

SV Az | 2016年6月7日

Any Existing Customers who have their Model S/X linked to their MyTesla? What is your common_reservation_ID ?

DesignArt | 2016年6月7日

Reserved online at the end of the presentation on 31st. My number is 472xxx.

KP in NPT | 2016年6月7日

Some have noticed that the IDs that are near the factory begin wth a 5 instead of a 3. Maybe a correlation?

peter.chwiecko | 2016年6月7日

I'm still puzzled how I got a 296XXX a week after the reveal if this is a sequential number. I do not own any other Tesla vehicles currently.

peter.chwiecko | 2016年6月7日

Never mind, re-read the whole common reservation ID page source business, looks like I'm down the line as the sequence would suggest: 678XXX.

SV Az | 2016年6月7日

@ peter.chwiecko - Are you looking at RN no. on MyTesla, or the common_reservation_id that you get to as explained in the link ?

Chris.davidson.47 | 2016年6月7日

mine is 371XXX - 10 am EST March 31st

note2nate | 2016年6月7日

574XXX I got my confirmation e-mail Sat, Apr 2, 2016 at 1:06 AM, Registered April 1st.

tommyalexandersb | 2016年6月7日

Mine is 591XXX. Wich would put me around 241,000th reservation if I subtract 350,000 from my common reservation id. I reserved mine on April 1st at 11pm. I think that might check out? I hope I get it sooner though, I'm about 400 miles from the factory and am planning to get mine fully loaded. Fingers crossed.

skygraff | 2016年6月7日

March 31st at 10am (Chicago - CT) and 375xxx, first Tesla.

tommyalexandersb | 2016年6月7日

@notetonate I got my email confirmation April 2nd at 1:25 AM, so it looks like that makes sense for the small difference in our common reservation I'd.

millsdmb | 2016年6月7日

^^ well they said geography was almost as important as the time you ordered.

kalpana | 2016年6月7日

Reserved in Forth Worth, around 11am CST, #379xxx

FrancoP | 2016年6月7日

Online March 31st at 10:25pm EST, #413XXX

Drdpharris | 2016年6月7日

Could cancellations open a reservation-id, and those subsequently get reaasigned? The reservation-id may not be ideal, but in general it does give some sense of relative position. Obviously other considerations will modify this for final absolute ordering position.

ckcland2 | 2016年6月7日

Reserved 10:45 am EST March 31, #374XXX

dsvick | 2016年6月7日

At this point I'm not going to sweat it. Although part of me really wants to shoot an email off right away, they are probably getting thousands of them right now from people that think their number is wrong.

If it turns out that this is indeed some sort of indicator then I'll contact them at that point. Until them I'm going to try not to think about the fact that everyone else that reserved at the same time as I did has numbers 200,000 lower than mine .... sigh .....

eg3005 | 2016年6月7日

Reserved 11:30 am in Dallas 3/31... #381XXX

autoxer7 | 2016年6月7日

#386XXX - Reserved on 31-Mar-2016 @ 10:35 am PDT (9:35 am PST)

p.gilardi | 2016年6月7日

Reserved on 30 april 2016 and take a ReservationID=728XXX

slasher0016 | 2016年6月7日

@Drdpharris Highly unlikely. They wouldn't discard the reservation number of a cancellation or they'd lose the history of it in their system (plus most databases are set up to just assign the next ID not go back and see if there are missing ones.)

Badbot | 2016年6月7日

I think that the prefix number is different for store, US, other countries and web orders.

April 3 633xxx or 288k ish see mine about 2018. At least I am in California.