The wait is over S60 from $65,000 with this link

The wait is over S60 from $65,000 with this link

The Model S 60 is back, which means if you are on the fence about waiting for the model 3, but would really prefer an S, now is the time. There is also some advantage to having a software limited battery(actually 75kw total capacity), it will last longer than a straight 60kw would under the same usage. You can charge it all the way up and drain it all the way with less harm to the pack. And if you decide later you want the greater range, it is available with a software update.

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swingshiftworker | 2016年6月9日

Apples and oranges.

Why would anyone interested in the compact "budget" Model 3 at $35k want to buy a full sized "budget" Model S for almost twice the price at $65k? Doesn't make sense.

Tesla reportedly is offering the budget Model S60 for those who wanted a Model S but thought they were too expensive. These people are NOT interested in a Model 3 because they want a full sized sedan and they want it now.

Those who want a Model 3 want a cheaper car -- a car most people can afford -- and are willing to wait for it. The S60 at twice the price is not a sensible alternative. The Bolt, when it comes out may be, but NOT the S60.

skygraff | 2016年6月9日

Agree that they're different but wouldn't go as far as apples and oranges. Perhaps, a better comparison would be a Sekai-ichi Apple (large and expensive) vs maybe a Fuji Apple (medium sized and higher priced among affordable apples).

If I could fit a Model S in my garage and budget I'd be all over that. But, then again, if I could, I'd go for a 90D.

sp_tesla | 2016年6月9日

Obviously the mfg cost of S60 is the same as S75, if TM real motivation is to sell more EV cars they should just lower the price of S75 and don't charge what the market will bear or what they hope is the consumer's perceived value of a good or service which affects the price that they are willing to pay, it only work when consumers are unaware of the true cost of production for the products they buy.

millsdmb | 2016年6月10日


mos6507 | 2016年6月10日

Tesla has yet to really plan out how to pass on their lower cost of manufacturing to the consumer. If it gets cheaper and cheaper to make S and X, then the prices of S and X should come down. Instead they've thought in terms of models. Roadster to S/X to 3. But over time, even within each model, battery packs will get cheaper, etc... At some point they just have to lower their prices which of course will piss off everyone who just bought in at the tail end.

CraigW | 2016年6月10日

Upgrading an S70 to 75kWh doesn't make a lot of sense. By eliminating the S70 and offering an upgradeable S60, Tesla makes the gap more reasonable and can charge a greater upgrade price - still less than the $10,000 between the old S60 and S85. Also, the S85 goes away now.

I owned an S60 for 60,000 miles before getting my S70D 12,000 ago and I normally charged it to 180, with a max that drifted down to 203. The current S60 can be continually charged to 203 every night. Psychologically being over 200 miles on a regular charge is a really big deal. I charge my S70D regularly to 193, so your new S60 would be topped out higher than my S70D - again a real plus with people deciding today. There is no question that if I were deciding today I would go for an S60D and never look back.

Also, Tesla is now well positioned to bring out an S100, getting over 300 miles - another important psychological barrier. The fact that future S90 buyers could upgrade to over 300 miles cannot be overstated.

sp_tesla | 2016年6月10日

"mos6507 | June 10, 2016
At some point they just have to lower their prices which of course will piss off everyone who just bought in at the tail end."

True, but everyone expect much lower battery cost that should significantly reduce the price of EV's.

jschnyderite | 2016年6月10日

Be careful what info you're putting out.

"it will last longer than a straight 60kw would under the same usage"
Research shows that battery size doesn't affect degradation --

"You can charge it all the way up and drain it all the way"
While you can charge all the way, it still wouldn't be advised to drain it completely.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年6月10日

Now, if they would just offer it as a Coupe -- with Falcon Wing Doors!

SoFlaModel3 | 2016年6月10日

I am not sure that this attracts many (if any) waiting on the Model 3.

I was curious just as anyone else would and the truth of the matter is that I would rather have a well equipped Model 3 ($42-45k) over a base model Model S while simultaneously saving $20k.

That $20k savings assumes I get the $7,500 credit on the Model 3 since it's a guarantee that I would get it on the Model S if I ordered it today.

If I was buying a Model S, there are a number of options I would want and that would drive the price up even further.

carlk | 2016年6月10日

You can certainly wait until you could see the 3 before making a decision between the two, if you're willing to wait for a year and half, and likely more. There are people who may not want to or can't wait that long and they could still buy the 3 in the future if they buy the S60 now. This is just one more option for many of them.

Red Sage ca us | 2016年6月10日

"Every Model S benefits from Tesla's expanding Supercharger network for travel over long distances."

So, the Model S 60 costs less than it would have three years ago, and includes Supercharger access. I guess it helps that Tesla Motors has sold around seven years worth of cars in 3-1/2 years. So, the economy of scale for the Model S is in great shape now, it seems.