How will you handle autopilot .

How will you handle autopilot .

I know that I will be keeping my eyes on road and hands on wheel .
People are getting to comfortable with this technology .

tfay412 | 2016年7月1日

I'll let the car do the driving, but I'm definitely going to be paying attention.

EaglesPDX | 2016年7月1日

Pretty much the way I handle Subaru's Eyesight. Enjoy the automated functions (auto braking, lane keeping, dynamic cruise, cross track and blind side warnings) and the extra safety they provide but not taking my eyes off the road or hand off the wheel.

afestini | 2016年7月1日

Well, I'm a software developer. I've seen the work of people that worked on medical equipment and cars that I wouldn't trust to write a calculator app. I do have some faith that Tesla has higher standards, but I still have limited trust in complex software, even more so when it relies on data from external hardware.

While I will try to use it as much as possible to help provide data, you can expect my hands being on the wheel and my foot right next to the brakes (might even be a while to stop resting my foot on the pedal).

Haggy | 2016年7月2日

As long as I can get my hands on the wheel twice as fast as I can get my foot on the brake, I feel comfortable. But I also know when to anticipate, in which case my hands get there sooner. Usually I'm "wrong" when I anticipate, meaning the car handles things fine and there was no need to take over, but I would rather not regret trusting the car. There have likely been times I took over and had I waited, the car would have done what it should have. In those cases, all I lose is that I have to reenable it.

As far as needed to keep your hands on the wheel, it's safer to tell people to keep their hands on the wheel even if I can't make the case that it's always necessary. If your hands are on the wheel lightly that doesn't mean your reaction time is fast enough to grab tightly and take over faster than if you hadn't been touching it. It's being able to anticipate (I.e. feel that the car might not be sure of what's coming up) that counts.

Tstolz | 2016年7月2日

Hands on the wheel, pay attention, drive at a reasonable speed, take AP off whenever things get weird.

noleaf4me | 2016年7月2日

similar to when I use cruise control today.

BumblebeEV | 2016年7月2日

Not gonna activate it.

weluvm3 | 2016年7月2日

Not sure. My wife has never had an accident, but when we take the car, I always insist on driving.

Autopilot would need to be very good indeed for me to trust it more than my wife.

veloaudio | 2016年7月2日

The Autopilot SW is only as good as the situational awareness sensors and the resulting control/reactive algorithms. I think Tesla (and other companies) have made great strides toward autonomous driving but the sensor suite is not there yet. I plan to keep my hands on the wheel and eyes on the road for the foreseeable future.

topher | 2016年7月2日

Like it is a supplemental safety system.

Elon claims that auto-pilot is 50% better than human drivers, but he is wrong about that. Auto-pilot makes human drivers 50% better.

Thank you kindly.

millsdmb | 2016年7月2日

I will leave a copy of a letter in the frunk, notarized on file with my lawyer, saying if I die as a result of the use of AutoPilot while sleeping or watching Harry Potter, that I love Elon musk and I would like my ashes to be put in the paint supply of the silver model 3.

Mike83 | 2016年7月2日

Since there are fewer accidents with autopilot on I will use it. How many miles have Tesla's driven without a fatality?
I think I feel much safer in a Tesla with autopilot. I also have taken driving courses and look for the unexpected like a deer jumping into your car where nothing could prevent it.

PhillyGal | 2016年7月2日

The same way I do now: hands nearby (hovering over the wheel dancing or laying on my lap) and 100% of my attention to the task that I am doing, which is driving. AP makes a really great assistant.

mos6507 | 2016年7月2日

The whole point behind autopilot is to make it so you don't have to dedicate 100% of your attention to driving, especially during relentless stop-and-go rush-hour traffic which is what leads to so much road-rage. At whatever point you become paranoid that the car will unpredictably rear-end someone, then it's no longer auto-pilot.

sp_tesla | 2016年7月2日

"noleaf-m3-4me | July 2, 2016
similar to when I use cruise control today."

Yes, its a very sophisticated cruise control upgrade.

Azred50 | 2016年7月2日

I think I will let the car totally drive itself and I will be on the floor in the back seat.

AlMc | 2016年7月3日

I will use it like I do now with my S. Around town....not at all. Long distance highway driving...a lot. It should be named 'driver assistant' and not autopilot as it assists me on long drives.

*I have driven the entire length of the NJ turnpike in this mode* Works very well in this type of situation.

Ross1 | 2016年7月3日

Treat it like a dog.
Man's best friend, but if you take your hand off the leash it might be naughty.

AlMc | 2016年7月3日

@Ross: good analogy :)

Haggy | 2016年7月5日

I would imagine there were people who said that if cars have seat belts, it will keep people from paying attention since they could survive crashes. The whole argument falls apart when you are discussing your own car because it's a given that you will be paying attention especially if you are considering not getting autopilot.

I'll admit to having done foolish things in cars without autopilot such as changing radio stations or even changing a cassette tape. I might have glanced at paper maps while driving. The law of averages said that taking my eyes off the road for a few seconds or less wouldn't have caused an accident and it never did. But having autopilot on in those same situations is safer and it doesn't mean I will pay less attention. I also know that the fact that I never had such an accident has nothing to do with how likely it is to get into such an accident and that had I had such an accident it wouldn't have meant that changing a radio station while driving is unsafe beyond consideration. There's a risk. It's not a big one. There's a risk of autopilot failing to prevent a problem when you glance away for a second. It's not a big one. The risk of both happening at once is even smaller. The more features my can can have that can minimize that risk, the better off I am. As for other drivers, I don't trust them as is. If they are going to drive around without paying attention, I'd much rather that they have autopilot. Blaming a bad driver for killing somebody is no consolation compared to blaming autopilot.

sp_tesla | 2016年7月5日

Haggy | July 5, 2016

+1, autopilot is currently a great a supplement & will help unexpected situations to be much safer.

charles_gingras | 2016年7月5日

Won't use it before it's level4

charles_gingras | 2016年7月5日

Won't use it before it's level4

topher | 2016年7月5日

"Won't use it before it's level4"

Sorry, but I can't help but translate this as "I don't trust myself enough to pay attention, so I am going lower my own safety until such time as I can completely hand over the driving to the car" Is that what you meant?

Thank you kindly.

mos6507 | 2016年7月5日

There is a way to enable safety features without full autonomy, right? Isn't that what the M3 is supposed to do by default? That's probably the sweet-spot until the technology improves. If people want to act as veritable test-pilots that's their own choice. They aren't necessarily going to be safer while all this stuff is in beta. For instance, can't they use a camera with a wider dynamic range so that glare or low-contrast isn't an issue? Not all of these details have been worked out and the end result is you have a patchwork-quilt of scenarios where the auto-pilot can't work at all or can't be trusted. That's risky as we've seen with the fatality.

Tropopause | 2016年7月5日

Don't forget there's an emergency inflation valve in the Otto-Pilot! Just blow! ;)

topher | 2016年7月5日

"There is a way to enable safety features without full autonomy, right?"

There is no 'full autonomy'.

"Isn't that what the M3 is supposed to do by default?"

Depends on how Elon (and you) define 'safety features'. At the moment Lane-Keeping and Traffic Aware Cruise Control, appear to be classified as 'convenience features' in the S, whereas Side Collision Avoidance and Automatic Emergency Braking are 'safety features'.

A better AEB might have prevented the recent fatality.

"the end result is you have a patchwork-quilt of scenarios where the auto-pilot can't work at all or can't be trusted. That's risky as we've seen with the fatality."

It is only risky if you trust it. Despite what Elon says, I think that a alert driver AND autonomous driving systems will beat purely autonomous systems for a long time. Even if autonomous driving systems easily beat driver only system soon.

Thank you kindly.

p.s. We still don't know enough to assign blame on the fatality. Let the NHTSA investigate before you rearrange your plans.

tfay412 | 2016年7月7日

No matter who is to blame, This fatality is a wake up call to make the system better and safer than it was before. It's unfortunate that someone had to die, However it seems that's what it takes to fix systems and make them safer these days. If Tesla didn't have the 130 million miles of real time data to build their Auto Pilot, Auto Pilot would still be about 10 years out before being at the point it is now. All the warnings are there to keep your eyes on the road. However there has only been one fatality in over 130 million miles, So It would be pretty safe to say, the Auto Pilot is safer than a human behind the wheel.

SUN 2 DRV | 2016年7月7日

Auto Pilot enables and facilitates distracted driving.

Some drivers will be able to ignore the temptations to become distracted and use AP to increase their safety, but others will undoubtedly use their extra "free time" to become distracted for even longer periods of time and do way more than just glancing at texts and emails as they do now.

So a key question is how auto makers and regulators will handle the very predictable scenarios of humans succumbing to foreseeable temptations distractions.

Will "We told you not to do that!" hold up in court when the foreseeable outcome is loss of life?

grashelm | 2016年7月7日

Will "We told you not to do that!" hold up in court when the foreseeable outcome is loss of life?

I certainly hope so.....thinning of the herd.

mos6507 | 2016年7月8日

Technically speaking there's probably very few true no-fault accidents. Someone, somewhere, executes a driving mistake. The mistake causes a cascade of cause and effect. As such, using the "we told you not to do that" argument ignores the fact that human beings are flawed and will make mistakes.

The role of the safety features is to try to compensate for human mistakes. So no, the "we told you not to do that" argument should not be used as an excuse for flaws in the safety features.

topher | 2016年7月8日

"This fatality is a wake up call to make the system better and safer than it was before. It's unfortunate that someone had to die, However it seems that's what it takes to fix systems and make them safer these days."

Yup. I hate that Tesla was just sitting on their hands. Not collecting any data. not doing any research, not improving the software.

Oh, wait that's the opposite of what was happening.

Thank you kindly.

wrightmikeb | 2016年7月8日

I think you get lazy if you have autopilot and don't pay as much attention as you should. I know I'm less careful now backing up into a spot since I have a backup camera and sensors.

I wouldn't pay for the autopilot software unlock until its fully autonomous and there are clear rules from insurance companies how to handle accidents while autopilot is engaged.

KP in NPT | 2016年7月8日

I use AP 90% of the time with my Model S. It has changed my hell commute and wouldn't get a Tesla without it. Just use it responsibly.

mos6507 | 2016年7月9日

Bumper to bumper rush-hour freeway traffic (with no T-bone potential) is a pretty simple task for auto-pilot. It's almost like a virtual train if you think about it, and that's really where the AP will be most useful. I don't think anyone will be taking any risks enabling it for that task. It's not as glamorous nor does it offer the same bragging rights as having the car go doorstep to doorstep, but expecting that is where the problems start.

Drdpharris | 2016年7月9日

(Driver + AP) is safer than (driver - AP) .... pretty simple equation.

Note that is not: (AP - driver) is not safer than driver.