Just test drove the Model S 60 ... impressions ... wow ...

Just test drove the Model S 60 ... impressions ... wow ...

Of course like everyone the introduction of the S 60 piqued my interest. Ultimately knowing I plan to spec a Model 3 for somewhere between $42-45k the leap up to $66k + a few options (even with a guaranteed $7,500 credit) is just a to rich for my blood.

Knowing all of that going in, this test drive served 2 purposes.

1) It was my first time driving a Tesla (or any electric car for that matter), so I wanted to get a sense for a Model 3 might be like
2) I brought my father with me who is interested in the Model S

So here it goes...

1) 2 hours later and I'm still grinning.
2) Even the S 60 (the slowest production Tesla sold today) gets up and goes! Torque for days = wow!
3) Autopilot is a bit of novelty. It is horrifying and amazing at the same time. I am cautious with the use of the word novelty, but I really think it is at this point. On a regular sunny day in South Florida it did just fine holding the lane around a curve but 3 times it failed to switch lanes when I turned on the blinker. That's not the end of the world and the rest of the time it worked flawlessly and switched lanes perfectly without going too far. Knowing that autopilot is not a replacement for being an alert driver, I concluded that it's not a necessity for me as I risk becoming a passenger in my own car and losing focus of the road.
4) The driver's display on the Model S is awesome! I wonder how the Model 3 will make it work with the center screen + the rumored HUD.
5) The seats (leather) are great -- comfortable and sporty.
6) The glass roof (even with a dark tint) does not handle the South Florida sun very well. I felt like I was cooking in the car. A shade is an absolutely necessity.

All in all, what amazing vehicle.

If I was getting a Model S 60, here is how I would spec it:
- S 60 with RWD $66,000
- Premium Upgrades Package $3,000
- Solid White Paint $STD
- Glass roof $1,500
- Carbon Fiber Decor $1,000
- Black Next Gen Seats $2,500
- Destination Fee $1,200

TOTAL = $75,200
Tax Credit = -$7,500
Referral Credit = - $1,000

TOTAL = $66,700

Assuming options cost the same on the Model 3 (hopefully they cost less):
- Model 3 with RDW $35,000
- Premium Upgrades Package $3,000
- Glass Roof - $1,500
- Carbon Fiber Decor $1,000
- Black Next Gen Seats $2,500
- Destination Fee $1,200

TOTAL = $44,200
Tax Credit = $3,750 (assuming I get at least that since I ordered in person before the unveil)

TOTAL = $40,450

Figuring I would spec in the $42-45 range -- this leave room for better rims and/or sound as well!

It's impossible for me to bridge the gap on $26,250 as much as I loved the test drive. Hurry Model 3, hurry!

SoFlaModel3 | 2016年7月7日

Sorry -- quite a few typos in there. Hard to type with this grin!

Azred50 | 2016年7月7日

Have you considered getting a three or four year old S imstead? Some of the posters in these Tesla boards would have you believe normal depreciation doesn't apply but that's nonsense, especially now that the novelty of the S has run its course.

jordanrichard | 2016年7月7日

I have driven my S85 to FL and didn't feel as if I was cooking, especially compared to what it is like just standing outside, down there.

SoFlaModel3 | 2016年7月7日

@Azred50 -- last time I looked (a few weeks ago) there was not much inventory in the way of used Model S's that weren't still fairly expensive. Also, I definitely prefer the new front end. Lastly (just personal preference), I prefer being the first driver of a car.

@jordanrichard -- I should have clarified. It was ok in the front seat. When I traded spots and my dad took a turn behind the wheel I felt like I was cooking in the back seat.

jordanrichard | 2016年7月7日

That may have been related to the amount of AC one gets in the back versus the front.

damonmath | 2016年7月7日

If it were me, I'd lose the Premium Upgrades Package (only the Lift Gate is of interest), Carbon Fiber Decor (not that great), and Black Next Gen Seats (unnecessary). I'd get Auto Pilot and dual motors instead. I use Auto Pilot daily and it works great for my daily commute in Southern California. While I don't currently have Dual motors, I have been privy to loaners with Dual motors and it will be a must on my M3. Also disagree about the sun roof, we see plenty of sun in San Diego and this has never been an issue.

raging.dragonfly | 2016年7月7日

Yeah, not sure if they will upgrade the AC in the new MS's going forward, but our MX has vents for all 3 rows of seats...and they now sell shades for it, too, though the main shade for front seats now comes w/car at no extra cost.

@michael, I noticed you didn't let that stop you from spec'ing with a pano roof...

SoFlaModel3 | 2016年7月7日

I want to pano roof for sure (but I am assuming shades will be available on the 3). My finding has nothing to do with the A/C though, it was literally the top of my head that was feeling the sun.

Agree -- Carbon Fiber trim is unnecessary at $1,000
On the fence on Premium Upgrades Package -- I could take it or leave it
Autopilot -- can be added later, so there is no harm here if I change my mind ($500 lost)
Next Gen Seats -- I can't see getting a premium vehicle with cloth seats, it's necessary to me
Dual Motors = $5k so I'm there with dropping Carbon Fiber and Premium Upgrades -- seems like a good idea!!

damonmath | 2016年7月7日

I hear you about the seats, however, as a premium Benz owner (E350 luxury & E550 coupe) I have both high end leather and custom leather seats. In my Tesla I have the standard textile seats. The Tesla textile seats are grippy and keep you in place. The Tesla standard leather is slippery and pliable, while the next gen seats have bigger bolsters to compensate for the slippery leather. My Benz leather seats are on par with the next gen seats, but... I prefer the textile seats hands down to all 4 leather seats. They are more comfortable and hold me in place better. That's just me though, I'm sure everyone has personal preferences.

SoFlaModel3 | 2016年7月7日

That's interesting -- I guess it would be a good idea to try to sit in the standard seats before it comes time to spec out the car. Thanks for sharing!

damonmath | 2016年7月7日

No problem - I went round and round and round again spec'ing my Model S.

Model S85 RWD
Textile Seats
Auto Pilot
Tech Package (power lift gate, XM radio, parking sensors, fog lights)
Pano Roof
Black std. paint
Piano Black Dash
Yacht Floor center
19" 5 spoke OEM wheels w/Michelin Primacy upgraded tires
Ultra High Fidelity Sound

Total was around 98k after tax, title and licensing fees.

I changed colors 3 times; red, green, then black. I wanted the 21" wheels but switched to 19" after hearing about the short lifespan of tires on 21" rims. Looked at all seating options and just couldn't see myself in sub-par leather when the textile seats were awesome to start. Radio was a no-brainer for me as I listen to music and have spent money upgrading systems in the past. Pano was give or take really, ultimately I picked it for the large view at night, and the feeling of a convertible without the convertible maintenance issues. Tires were also a surprise, especially after switching to Eagles @31k miles... I now want the Michelin's back.

Have fun spec'ing. I have an M3 on reserve, but by the time it comes out it may be time to upgrade the S85 to a P100D :)

dachuyn | 2016年7月7日

michaelrbodner ... How about also going for $3500 dual motor and get a jump to top of the list to get $7500 credit?

Haggy | 2016年7月7日

When you say it failed to change lanes, do you mean that you signaled and it stayed in your lane? When that happens, it means the car senses something that it thinks makes it potentially unsafe to change lanes. Sometimes the car can be overcautious and sometimes you can't tell what triggered the car to think it's not a good idea to change lanes. If you don't see anything in the display indicating anything in your blind spot, there's no way to tell. Tesla could tell by looking at logs, but they'd do that only if they thought something was wrong with the vehicle. Personally, I've rarely experienced times when it didn't change lanes when expected. I recall it happening once within the past month and can't remember when the previous time was.

I also don't have a clear idea of how the car calibrates its own sensor data. With parallel parking, it takes a few days after the software is enabled before the car starts recognizing spaces. That might be completely unrelated, but since it uses the same sensors I'm not going to say I know one way or the other.

dachuyn | 2016年7月7日

Autopilot may only be good when you are sleepy or drunk, in which cases you should not drive at all. And it may also be good if you must make that phone call ...

Keeping your hands on wheel while autopiloting makes you look funny, but thats what Tesla recommends ...

Badbot | 2016年7月7日

"Keeping your hands on wheel while autopiloting makes you look funny"
then so does driving!

jsanford | 2016年7月7日

We test drove a Model S 70D since it was offered at reservation, and intended to bring my Dad. We're pining too--it was so smooth, and with the torque we didn't miss shifting at all. Just motivation to keep saving!!

Big1matt | 2016年7月7日

@damonmath what are your specific thoughts on the upgraded sound system on your Model S?. Hows the clarity and bass? Was it worth the extra money for the upgrade over stock sound system? Im thinking about getting upgraded audio on Model 3(if its an option of course). Thanks

SoFlaModel3 | 2016年7月8日

@dachuyn - you bring up a good point. If in the end the priority does sit with higher priced cars and that has a direct impact on the potential to collect the $7,500 credit versus say a $3,750 credit then it would absolutely pay to add some more cost to the car such as dual motor.

@Haggy - that's correct. The lane next to me was open, I engaged the turn signal and the car stayed in my lane. The lanes were well paved and there were no cars next to me. That happened 3 times in a row. Aside from that the rest of the time it worked flawlessly and smoothly. I was actually quite impressed by how natural it felt changing lanes.

DTsea | 2016年7月8日

I had the standard leather seats on my first model s and they were ok but the next gen seats on my second one are far superior.

dachuyn | 2016年7月8日

DTsea ... Put the comment above in the "Tesla: Do Away with Cloth Seats" thread too :-)

enriquez.r.ny | 2016年7月9日

Finance a MS and keep trading it in every 3 years. It will be a good down payment for a newer MS.

Tarla's Driver | 2016年7月9日

If you don't care about Autopilot or dual motors, you should definitely look at buying an older car. That said, I think both of those are definitely worthwhile. The premium interior is really important if you have kids and the rear-facing seats--having control over the rear hatch is really important in that case; otherwise, not so much. The premium interior also includes a headlight upgrade now, making it less of a one-feature option. It's the only option I regret not getting (due to my son sitting back there).

The other advantage of a used single-engine car is the much larger frunk. I hear that now the single-engine cars come with the same tiny frunk as the others, which is really disappointing. The extra storage isn't a big deal for regular driving, but it can be huge for trips.