$3K 75kWh Upgrade

$3K 75kWh Upgrade

I don't know if anyone has posted this, but I found it interesting, albeit not a big deal.

So I have one of the first refreshed Model S. The refresh announcement was made the day before my order finalized on April 13. My car has the 75kWh battery, although I didn't opt for it. At the time, I received an email from Tesla saying that I could upgrade for $3,000, and that it would be $3,250 post delivery. I noticed recently on my Tesla page that the upgrade is listed at $3,000.

That's all, just mildly interesting.

miyamky | 2016年7月28日

It shows as $3250 (plus tax) for me in CA.

mattpyke | 2016年7月29日

It's lower than originally stated in the UK as well

madkim23 | 2016年7月29日

$3000 for me in VA. Month old 70D.

Longelon | 2016年8月8日

Would they change the badge as well with the upgrade? Given it is only a software upgrade, (the 75 kw is already built in), the least they can do for the price.

Galve2000 | 2016年8月8日

I wonder if they let you go "badgeless" these days when you do one of the updates if you so choose.

Sam_S | 2016年8月8日

Maybe they can send you an additional badge to stick under the 70 that shows everbody you upgraded.

ShockOnT | 2016年8月8日

Apparently they change the badge to 75 (or 75D) at your next service centre visit.