why t charge to 95%

why t charge to 95%

I just got my tesla. I live in New Mexico where there are only about four super chargers. Between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, a(about60 miles), I use around100 miles because I am going uphill. At 80% charge I get 212 miles . through since there is no supercharger in Santa Fe, I have very limited ability to drive to the opera or take a short trip as I get down to 70 miles.
What real harm do I do to the battery if I charge to 100% occasionally when I take trips to Santa Fe.
The closet supercharger is in Las Vegas NM which is around 70 miles away.
I would like Tesla to put a supercharger in Santa Fe and so would other Tesla owners.

mjwellman | 2016年7月30日

I hear you. I live in Austin, TX and would love to see SC placed in west Texas and NM to make that trip to CA. Would also love to see SC in Arkansas. It's a little frustrating watching them put more and more in CA and west coast states while the west and midwest still have huge gaps in it. I know they will be filled but it would be nice if they could work a little after on those vs CA

Watt fun | 2016年7月30日

Apparently, there is none if you charge and use right away. As a general rule for most of the time when not making a long trip, better not to exceed 80-90% and hold. Harm comes to Li-ion if there is a full charge and it sits at a full charge any length of time. So, charge to 100% and go as soon as you finish.

dlake | 2016年7月30日

@Wattfun is correct.