Wall Connector Removable?

Wall Connector Removable?

Expecting Model X delivery 'late september.'
We are planning on moving early 2017/January.

If we get a Tesla Wall connector installed, can we remove it and bring it with us to our new home?

Thanks in advance

lilbean | 2016年8月12日

I would just install it in the new house and use the UMC in the meantime. You can remove it but it wouldn't be worth it to install and then uninstall, in my opinion. I'm not an electrician.

Hank Scorpio | 2016年8月12日

thanks for the feedback!

eding00 | 2016年8月12日

I installed it by my self. I am sure it's removable.

Peter Gregory | 2016年8月12日

The hard part is running the wire, and adding a breaker. That is $300 or $1000. Installing the wall connector is easy. Say $50 or $100. You might just install a 220 outlet, and save the wall connector for the new place?

Hank Scorpio | 2016年8月13日

thanks, PG, thats exactly what my wife and i settled on