Bring Engine Sounds to Tesla

Bring Engine Sounds to Tesla

It would be great to see a feature that can simulate engine sounds in a Tesla with different modes like "Super Car Mode","Muscle Car Mode", "Tuner Mode" and so on.
I think its essential because we are used to these sounds and it would make it easier for people to adapt to electric cars (despite the quiteness being more peaceful).
I think there are quite a lot of people (including me) who just love the note of an Engine Sound.

It would also make Teslas more Awesome !!!

Silver2K | 2016年8月30日
leskchan | 2016年8月30日


Auto makers already added that on their own already. It's warning sound to alert pedestrians, especially the blinds who relies on sound, who needs sound to know the presence of a car. That's for safety, not showing off your engine size.

Also we don't need the government to add more regulations. The free market, meaning trail lawyers, has told auto makers to do it or risk civil ligation in case of an accident.

sp_tesla | 2016年8月30日

"leskchan | August 30, 2016
1. Tesla EV is exactly anti-ICE, so making act like one is contrary to its model."

What happend to: "how can we earn your business?"

leskchan | 2016年8月30日

How can Ferrari earn my business? They can't and won't waste marketing money on me.

Marketing is about targeting a segment of customers so you can 100% participation. Tesla is not trying to the Mustang or Corvette customers, they are after BMW, Mercedez, etc, customers.

Silver2K | 2016年8月30日


EV's don't make enough noise on their own. that law allowed for a manual option which is never used. I know this because I never use it on the volt I'm returning in 2 weeks. the first week or 2 I leased it I almost ran over a kid riding his bicycle across the street to my left when he decided to make a U-turn. if I didn't go on someone's lawn that kid would have been hurt real bad. it's a good thing I drive slow in my subdivision.

are you sure some external sound without the need of driver intervention is a bad thing? i'm thinking if that's your child, you would want some sound

Joshua Burstyn | 2016年8月30日

I believe the nostalgia needs to go further still. "Enjoy motoring in your Tesla and promote the steam train era!"

Silver2K | 2016年8月30日

were not talking about sound that can be heard in the cabin.

leskchan | 2016年8月30日


I am for any systems that are implemented based on sound scientific data and cost-benefit analyzed. I am against polices based on emotions, politics, and special interest lobbying.

leskchan | 2016年8月30日


I am trying to provide the explanation of my opinion, but somehow the paragraph is blocked by spam filters??

It has to due with data by certain agencies related to highway.

sklancha | 2016年8月30日

It is interesting to see that they would create a law to create more noise pollution, for safety purposes- so the car can be heard, but there aren't any laws restrictions pedestrians from blaring music in their head phones so they can't hear the traffic anyways. Then there are the hard of hearing who would require a jet engine sound before they could hear it... maybe these people shouldn't be allowed to walk- or is it just the safety of blind people that we are concerned about?

mjwellman | 2016年8月30日

NO. If you want noise go buy an ICE. That's one of the beautiful things about this car. It's quiet.

sp_tesla | 2016年8月30日

" leskchan | August 30, 2016
so appealing to muscle car customers I would think would be at the bottom of the marketing list. "

To the contrary, muscle car customers prefer loud fast cars which obliviously make them best low hanging fruit for the P & ludicrous options.

marcvs | 2018年10月27日

he sound mode should be optional and the drivers should be able to control the volume. Often cyclists don't know that an electric car is just behind them as they tend to be very quiet!

efuseakay | 2018年10月27日


efuseakay | 2018年10月27日

marcvs it’s called a stereo. ;)

DanFoster1 | 2018年10月27日

Absolutely not. There’s enough damned human created noise everywhere.

Regarding the stupid low-speed sounds that governments want to mandate, one can easily hear the tire noise at incredibly low speeds. Also, in the city, people routinely walk in front of the loudest vehicles allowed in the world. This won’t solve anything ever. It will just just add more annoying noise that people will be forced to try to block.

Imagine a not-too-distant future parking lot full of EVs—all creeping along making their government-mandated low-speed dings or whatever—would this constant racket /help/ a blind person or her service dog? Seriously?

ravisundaramam | 2018年10月27日

@marcvs: Already NTHSA has ruled that all very silent cars should have warning sound below 20 mph. The sound should be non startling and gradual, mimicking ICE. I am sure it will approve a range of sounds.

But I would not mind a speaker on the front fender to emit some sound. Something like a tinny moped or creaking rusty bicycle that I can use when I smoke a Mustang or a muscle car at the stop light. Wonder if they have a recording of rainbow farting unicorn sound.

sschaem | 2018年10月27日

What would be actually nice is if tesla can create some road noise cancellation system.

This is one of my main issue with car. I dont mind the high pitch noise of the electric motor, but the road noise & wind noise is tiring on long trips. (unless you blast the music, but also get tiring to me)

lilbean | 2018年10月27日

And why not create fake smoke fumes while we’re at it. Smh!

maztec | 2018年10月28日


Step 1) Have a child.
Step 2) Connect a device to the car via Bluetooth. Set audio to go over Bluetooth.
Step 3) Install race car game.
Step 4) Give child device.
Step 5) Let child play race car game

jordanrichard | 2018年10月28日

I have said this before and this is to illustrate how this low speed noise maker is stupid and pointless.

Remember when car alarms were a new thing? If one went off, everyone would look to see what was going on....? Now hardly anyone looks because it has just become part of the back ground noise of a parking lot.

Lastly, if it is the fact that EVs can’t be heard will cause people to get hit in a parking lot, then explain why people get hit by ICE cars today..........

bish | 2018年10月28日

Hmmmm..... Mandate cars to make noise so people hear them. With that logic all cars should should have flashing lights so that people see them. Sirens and warning lights for everyone.

Shesmyne2 | 2018年10月28日

No. Just No.

Still Grinning ;-)

El Mirio | 2018年10月29日

I vote for dragster level type of noise, setting off car alarms within a 150 yard radius. /s

Jokes aside, I went hiking for two months thru rural spain (gorgeous by the way), i would cringe at the noise pollution every time i had to go thru a major city or cross some major high ways.

Can also recommend Zermatt in Switzerland, EV only village with gorgeous views.

Quite is definitely a bliss!

kerryesmith | 2018年10月29日

Let’s not be so hard on this person.
There is something magical in acceleration without sound.
There is a weightlessness and it feels like flying. The silence is part of it.
If there was any sound it might be the sound of the wind.

TTownRedTesla | 2018年10月30日

I think it would make a cute Easter egg to show to friends. It couldn't be any more annoying than "More Cowbell" or "Santa Mode" 8)

I'm partial to a 2 stroke Saab sound -

carl.nunn | 2020年3月18日

This would be a great app - if we can have fart sounds, why cant we have engine sounds. Come on Tesla chaps I want this app.IT would be good to have a choice, an engine choice would be good as well, not just performance cars but an old fiat 500 would be funny. Could also add screechy brakes as well.

Tesla-David | 2020年3月18日

Nope, buy an ICE car if you want that, 7+ years of silence works for me.

nipper2 | 2020年3月18日

No Thank You I love the silence

jordanrichard | 2020年3月18日

Ok, this is what you do. Get a thumb drive with a recording of whatever engine floats your boat. Play it as you accelerate, adjusting the volume up and down as if it were shift...…..

I know an engine doesn't "shift", but you know what I eman.

jimglas | 2020年3月18日

then I want horse hoove sounds
May as well go full retro

blue adept | 2020年3月18日

So you wanna have ICE exhaust noises in your EV...

milesbb | 2020年3月19日

I want the sounds of a dog sled team chasing a rabbit down the trail.

FISHEV | 2020年3月20日

Mach-E had some fun with it. They also do this spaceship one that is really cool. Going to a party at co-worker with new Mustang GT with my new Model 3. I put on Mustang GT exhaust sounds on stereo when I pulled up. The crowd went wild.

FISHEV | 2020年3月20日
WW_spb | 2020年3月20日

Flagged Fishy Troll and his MomE

hcwhy | 2020年3月21日

I think it was Elon that suggested that a cow bell would be an appropriate sound if noise becomes required.

micleadangabriel | 2020年3月24日

Why the hate ? There should be an optional feature. Who wants engine sound buy it, who doesn't, does not buy it. As simple as that. I would also like TESLA to offer the option for purchase, but so far I have seen it aftermarket.

jimglas | 2020年3月24日

I want horse hooves clomping

jimglas | 2020年3月24日

followed by a big neigh

Enzodriver | 2020年3月25日

Seydsamsam, I'm with you this one. would be awesome, just like the f**t noise the engine noise would be so much fun to play to passengers or just to make a long drive more bearable. Cant believe so many people saying no to such a feature when they don't even have to use it simply turn it on if you want it. Let us 60+ year old kids have some fun while we still can.

Enzodriver | 2020年3月25日

Seydsamsam, I'm with you this one. would be awesome, just like the f**t noise the engine noise would be so much fun to play to passengers or just to make a long drive more bearable. Cant believe so many people saying no to such a feature when they don't even have to use it simply turn it on if you want it. Let us 60+ year old kids have some fun while we still can.

FISHEV | 2020年3月29日

Enzodriver | March 25, 2020 Let us 60+ year old kids have some fun while we still can.

Nailed it. Car has to have some sound, let's be cool.

jimglas | 2020年3月30日

jetson car noise would be cool

WW_spb | 2020年3月30日

I want Fish Mom voice in my Tesla to be engine sound

FISHEV | 2020年3月30日

WW_spb | March 30, 2020 I want Fish Mom voice in my Tesla to be engine sound"

It appears to be playing in your head 24/7 already, why would you need in the car?

I'm gong to Warning Will Robinson, Warning!