XM Radio on Version 8

XM Radio on Version 8

I read the release notes about how to tune XM radio, Said it was under favorites. I can't find it. Any suggestions?
Also, the XM stations on my favorites (which carried over from V7) do not have names, just numbers. Who is the dumb
engineer responsible for this mistake?

I might cancel XM altogether on this car because the streaming (Slacker)radio has more choices and better graphics.

TeslaNinno | 2016年10月20日

I have the radio set on the right side of my dashboard and it shows the XM Station name there. Not having a nice name and graphic is lame especially compared to Slacker. I didn't have XM with V7 so i have nothing to compare it to, hopefully XM will get it together and broadcast a graphic with the station.

Howrayg | 2016年10月21日

Update: I spoke to Tesla tech support and they were aware of the problem. They said it will be corrected by a silent upgrade.