Trump to be exiled?

Trump to be exiled?
Maybe Britain will take him and elect him King George or Donald which seems weak. His followers could join him.


fgaliegue | 2016年10月20日

Can this order be amended so that the loser has to leave the _planet_ please?

KP in NPT | 2016年10月20日

Andy Borowitz is so funny.

I don't think it will be necessary though. Perhaps the loser will quickly lose his marbles and be reduced to a slobbering, mindless dolt wandering in circles around the gilded furniture.

Ethan_M | 2016年10月20日

Unfortunately this cancer isn't going anywhere once he's lost the election.

He will profit immensely off his own TV brand/station, and continuous political turmoil will likely ensue.

Mike83 | 2016年10月20日

I read Trump is losing business and they may remove his name from those establishments.

Bighorn | 2016年10月20日

I imagine most of his supporters can't afford the crap he peddles. Will be curious to see if he starts a new fascist party after he loses.

Octagondd | 2016年10月20日

Over/Under on number of days before Melania files for Divorce?

btw, I think the power hour of Alex Jones and Donald Trump shows will be absolutely extraordinary!!

carlgo2 | 2016年10月20日

The funniest thing was the report that taco trucks had encircled one of his establishments in Vegas.

@Mike83: The UK is taking in a lot of refugees, so why not Trump so long as he is thoroughly vetted.

KP in NPT | 2016年10月20日

@Octagondd - Melania isn't going anywhere. She made her deal with the devil when she married him. No way in hell she'll give up her lifestyle.

Mike83 | 2016年10月20日

The GOP could have saved some stress if they had read the washingtonpost. but maybe they are too far gone.
Maybe Russia would take him in.

surichadha | 2016年10月20日

@mp1156 and @lilhorny y'all really have nothing better to do. Wow. I always thought people like you were fictional jokes. #sad

KP in NPT | 2016年10月20日
johndoeeyed | 2016年10月20日

The problem is not Trump per se, it is the almost half of voters who are prepared to vote for him. Even if Trump goes away, those voters will not, and will support the next disgrace.

EmpiricalAudio | 2016年10月20日

The good news is that most Trump supporters have no money, no loyalty and short memories. Trump effect will be short lived I think.

SCCRENDO | 2016年10月20日

Just heard him at the Catholic dinner in New York. This guy was a disgrace. As some have stated. We should not drug test him. We may discover he actually is not on anything.

KP in NPT | 2016年10月20日

yeah he kinda bombed at that dinner. ouch.

johndoeeyed | 2016年10月20日

The average Trump supporter is not poor.
The average Trump supporter household income is $US76,000
The average for Clinton is $US61,000
The US median is $US56,000

Mike83 | 2016年10月20日

A question about leaving money to a family member who is for Trump.

The answer is no. Blood is thicker than water?

johndoeeyed | 2016年10月20日

Blood is the random chance of history, and the simple result of procreation. How a person behaves is more important than who they are, or what they believe.

compchat | 2016年10月20日

Unfortunetly Trump has to fight the liberal media which runs this country (into the ground). Never seen such a gang bang in my life. Nice to hear that Obama is now forcing Hiliary to leave the country after she looses. She should take the bum, bill the sex pervert, with her. "I never had sex with that woman Monica Lewinski".

starcrusader | 2016年10月21日

We don't want Trump in the UK, thanks.

SCCRENDO | 2016年10月21日

@starcrusader. Truthfully we don't want him here either. But Hillary is not into deportation forces.
@johndoe. Interesting. What is the source of your data?
@compchat. Still stating your fact free opinions???

Mike83 | 2016年10月21日

I guess even Republicans can not stomach Trump except the really sick fossil fuel worshipers in Congress who would vote for Mussolini for money and power.

The pervert Trump does make you want to puke as he tries to look good. Maybe dementia is his problem and he should be pitied. I haven't heard one true statement from him ever. His following worshipers have some real mental issues and should be monitored.

Anyone voting for this individual will not be in my will.

SCCRENDO | 2016年10月21日

@MIke. Michael Steele is a sensible guy. I listen to him on MSNBC. He is pretty disgusted with the Republican Party. Contrast him with the little weasel Reince Priebus. If Michael Steel were still head of the RNC I speculate the party would be in a far better place. The party is ready for a giant collapse after the elections. Frankly I think Trump is a symptom rather than the cause of very deep seated underlying problems within the party.

KP in NPT | 2016年10月21日

Did you see the piece on TRMS last night, with the prophetic interview with David Souter 4 years ago? Chilling.

Mike83 | 2016年10月21日

Even Ivanka is getting targeted. It appears the Trump name is in the dump. A poet and didn't know it.

EmpiricalAudio | 2016年10月21日

Johndooeyed - you are confusing Trump supporters with Republicans. Not the same population.

compchat | 2016年10月21日

Unfortunetly Trump has to fight the liberal media which runs this country (into the ground). Never seen such a gang bang in my life. Nice to hear that Obama is now forcing Hiliary to leave the country after she looses. She should take the bum, bill the sex pervert, with her. "I never had sex with that woman Monica Lewinski".

RedShift | 2016年10月21日


Repeating your inane posts will not succeed in converting people into voting for the orange toupee'd ape.

Linemanap | 2016年10月22日

I know five Trump supporters all of them are completely ignorant and don't even know how the government is structured. They think king Trump is just going to come in and make america white ahh great again. I know 50 Hillary supporters and all of them are nurses teachers or union lineman most can point to a specific proposal that will benefit them or their families if congress can manage to get anything voted on. Trump was the best thing that could have happened to the GOP now they will see how backwards and stagnant their base has become they can never win an election again with out embracing real change and facing facts like : science is real, god didn't give America to whites, people use guns to do a lot of killing so maybe some well crafted laws could help, Gender doesn't matter, Ronald Regan was not that great and Trump beat out the best the republicans had to offer thats the saddest thing of all.

Mike83 | 2016年10月22日

Another successful person dislikes the GOP presidential candidate.

I would like to see this with gloves but think HRC could take him out. LOL

Remnant | 2016年10月22日

@compchat (October 21, 2016)

<< Nice to hear that Obama is now forcing Hiliary to leave the country after she looses. >>

No forcing is likely to be needed. Instead, she's likely to flee the risk of prosecution at a very high rate of speed.

Let's cheer the possibility that this damaged and character-flawed person will flee this country that she's been trying to bamboozle for decades,

Mike83 | 2016年10月22日

Maybe Trump is right. Keep Guantanamo with torture open for families of terrorists. HRC will then have a place for them. Although opening a mental treatment facily may be more appropo.

SCCRENDO | 2016年10月22日

@compchat and @remnant could be added to your list of 5. The first amendment allows free speech. However in this day and age it is important to point out that their statements continue to remain devoid of fact.
@Remant. Have you ever read any history outside of the US. You should study how Hitler and Mussolini came to power. You should study the South American Military Juntas. South African also has those 90 day detention without trial laws that became 180 day without trial laws, renewal indefinitely. They also found it more convenient to find people guilty without a trial. I guess Hillary did have a kangaroo court trial through New Jersey bridgeman Chris Christie at the Republican convention.
@Compchat. Yes I guess that everyone who disagrees with him is biased. We should ban all newspapers and all be forced to read Breitbart, then KKK journal and a censored version of fox. A question. Did you attend a fact free medical school???

Bighorn | 2016年10月22日

Anybody who thinks that Trump has the slightest chance in this election is living in a fantasy. It's over folks, so save your crazy for another day.

RedShift | 2016年10月22日


Save they will, and flock to Trump News Network. AKA the thing that will sink GOP in the next few election cycles.

SCCRENDO | 2016年10月22日

I agree that Trump is done. However if we want to get things done we need to focus on getting the Dems the senate and congress.

KP in NPT | 2016年10月22日

The Republican Party began its demise when the tea party and evangelicals took over. It will not recover and they will not win another presidential election until that boil is lanced.

revrev4ruach | 2016年10月22日

If you really want change, please give to Democratic candidates now. These are the close races that really need your support to change the Senate:

1. Patrick Murphy (D-FL)
2. Ann Kirkpatrick (D-AZ)
3. Katie McGinty (D-PA)
4. Maggie Hassan (D-NH)
5. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL)
6. Catherine Cortez-Masto (D-NV)
7. Jason Kander (D-MO) and
8. Deborah Ross (D-NC).

You can send them up to $2700 each.

revrev4ruach | 2016年10月22日

. . . and Russ Feingold (D-WI).

EmpiricalAudio | 2016年10月22日

If you really want to prevent this nightmare from happening again, tell your congressman to pass a law requiring potential candidates to be vetted by the FBI, DHS, IRS and justice department.

SCCRENDO | 2016年10月22日

@revrev +1

SCCRENDO | 2016年10月28日

Trump has infected the Republican Party. Listen to this Republican Illinois Senator. Vote these sleazeballs out
Senator mocks opponent's mixed-race background

Mike83 | 2016年10月28日

Hopefully voters will kick these bums out. I don't consider them intelligent enough to hold office in America. Remarkable that any American would vote against themselves but they do. Looking good Trumps morals and avoids following the golden rule. Pretty sick.

brando | 2016年10月29日

I was confused as to how Trump got support. Since all the professional politicians easily lie to us citizens far too often. Gulf of Tonkin, WMDs, not being the world policeman, bringing home the troops, cleaning up the bankster. closing down prisons, government agencies - I'm sure you all know many more lies.

Here is something that finally made sense to me. And it is happening in many places around the world. Global Trumpism. Now I get it. Don't like it. Not sure what to do about it either.

Bkm2Vfj42FY intro is the first 2m15s

Mark was once asked (youtube has many of his talks, which I find very informative) if the power/leadership elites would wake up and save capitalism as FDR did in the 30s. You know some real change for the better, at least for a few decades. Mark pointed out that 8 million people owned just over half (50%) of all the world's wealth. They don't live like us and therefore have no empathy for us (worthless eaters - my added comment). So he could not imagine these elites wanting/trying/knowing what nor how to improve most anything that impacts the other billions of people on the planet (nor their fellow citizens) Laws aren't for them to follow, so why would they care.

Mike83 | 2016年10月29日

Voter fraud is extremely rare which trump lies about. But they did catch a voter voting twice and who else but a trump supporter.

Mike83 | 2016年10月29日
Mike83 | 2016年10月29日
SCCRENDO | 2016年10月29日

Van Perley. Thanks for the link. It puts things in perspective. This is all BS. If they have something on Hillary charge her. Otherwise Comey should keep his trap shut. This is all factless innuendo 11 days before an election. It fuels the Trump-Breitbart dumpster diving machine. He did the same in July. where did not have anything on Hillary so instead of having a press conference where he tried to smear Hillary, all he needed to do was say no charges. His job is to investigate and charge when people break the law. Not to give press conferences and release a letter without facts 11 days before the election. It likely has nothing to do with Hillary and at most has something to do with Huma Abedin.