Renting auto pilot $300 for 30 days good idea ?

Renting auto pilot $300 for 30 days good idea ?

So I'm one of those people that never purchased auto pilot tried the 30 day trial I thought it was OK but not something I would use daily have a road trip coming up this Christmas to Florida thinking this would be a time I would like to have auto pilot if anybody from Tesla is reading this rental option for auto pilot would be a great thing for people like myself Thinking $300 for 30 days sounds like a fair price point to me ? A good way for Tesla to make money for customers that chose not to have auto pilot but would like it every now and then

carlk | 2016年10月25日

Probably not a good idea for Tesla. Very few people did not opt for AP and even fewer probably would want to rent it for occasional use. Tesla would rather customers just buy the option this will give some people a reason not to. I doubt Tesla will offer this.

church70 | 2016年10月25日

Yeah I was thinking the same thing basically but I wonder what the numbers are ? But the numbers were high enough for them to give out a 30 day trial ? And I think maybe if people could try it again some of those people might end up buying it or they may just rent it on special road trips

church70 | 2016年10月25日

Maybe the price should be higher $500 for 30 days so there still value in purchasing it

Silver2K | 2016年10月25日

What's up church??

I think the rental idea is a good one. Getting rental money is better than getting nothing at all

SeaP90D | 2016年10月25日

I'd say it takes at least a month of just practice to understand the quirks and limitations of auto-pilot in order to use it safely so short term rental like that seems like a super bad idea...

church70 | 2016年10月25日

Sup SilverP85+
Hmm so was the 30 day trial A bad idea then ?
In my case I'm willing to pay for it this time so I don't think it was a bad idea And like silverP85+ said some money is better than none ? Also I'm curious how much is improved since my 30 day trial five months ago But with that said I think there's people out there like me that will probably not buy it because they don't see themselves needed it daily

PhillyGal | 2016年10月25日

@church - Give them a call.

Worst case - they say no.
Possible case - they say yes.
Best case - they say they'll give another free trial.

Don't you go leaving the forums then coming back when you need something :-P

Silver2K | 2016年10月25日

Nice one PG!

He's on my Facebook friends list. I keep an eye on him :)

church70 | 2016年10月25日

This is my way of call them sometimes lol. This is a thought that's been kicking around in my head for a few months just getting around to sharing it with the peanut gallery lol

church70 | 2016年10月25日

Don't forget I was the one who thought Tesla should buy solar city the peanut gallery didn't like that idea then look what happened lol
Still waiting on my free modelX to show up in the driveway hasn't happened yet ? lol

tes-s | 2016年10月25日

Almost as bad an idea as buying Solar City.

So there is hope.... :)

s.grot | 2016年10月25日

@church70 ; How did you get the trial? On my M X I did not get AP but then one day about a month ago a pop up came on my screen asking if I wanted to try the AP. It happened only once, never saw it again. I would have opted for the Trial but I don't know how to get the pop up back.