2018 Jaguar all electric is in the works

2018 Jaguar all electric is in the works

WHat you guys think of this

Looks more capable of being a Model 3 fighter than the Bolt. However, still needs a supercharger infrastructure.

bernard.holbrook | 2016年11月18日

I'd have to know the price but I like it's look. Nice to see more BEV's coming out.

akgolf | 2016年11月18日

This is what GM could and should have done. This looks like a nice car.

Curious to see more details.

Xerogas | 2016年11月18日

Why does it have such an enormous grille? Is that to air-cool the batteries?

Calibrotha2000 | 2016年11月18日

I def like the look of it but I know it's gonna be a 100k car but it's dope to see a car I'd actually be interested in just from the design aspect

bj | 2016年11月19日

It's a hatchback! Ø will be cancelling his Model 3 reservation any day now...

Looking through the website it seems to be a pretty good effort, but being a Jag one wonders what the pricetag will be. You can "reserve" by clicking on "I want one".

In the section on Performance compared to ICE they only mention acceleration. Come on guys, you can pump it up more than that. BEV whips ICE performance in just about every respect - don't be so timid! Or do they not want to embarrass the rest of their lineup?

And lose the grille...

tstolz | 2016年11月19日

I like Jags but without a Supercharger network for travel it's going to be tough for any of the OEMs to compete with Tesla. I guess if you don't plan on tripping it would be fine.

Personally I think it will be VW group that will give Tesla its first taste of competition in a few years ... since they are the ones that seem to be committing to some volume.

storm3163 | 2016年11月19日

I agree with tstolz, no supercharger network is its achilles heel. As for pricing, it says on the website 10% to 15% more than the Fpace. Fpace starts around $45000 but with a few options you will be lucky to get one under $60k. I'm still going keep my eyes Jaguar progress. As for reliability, I own a 2012 XJ and now have over 60k miles on it and so far no major issues to turn me off from the brand.

topher | 2016年11月19日

"hood scoop"? "*bold* air ducts"? color me confused, why does an electric car need those?

Thank you kindly.

EaglesPDX | 2016年11月19日

@jsimpsonalasak "This is what GM could and should have done. This looks like a nice car."

At $75,000 it is nice car but Jaguar is competing with the T3 as a luxury, status vehicle while Bolt is as close as it gets to working man's EV. 90kWh battery and "available 220 mile range" (sounds like optional), the Jag seems very inefficient.

It says "SUV" but never mentions AWD.

Plus on the hatchback.

Air suspension for ground clearance and towing?

Solar PV roof option?

akgolf | 2016年11月19日

LOL@TrumpEagles. Still trying to justify the limited run compliance car from LG.

jordanrichard | 2016年11月19日

Though it is still a concept, noticed how the seats are similar to the MX.

tobysplanet | 2016年11月19日

Hi guys
You can order one with a small deposit of £500 which is refundable right up to the point when it is time to spec your car.
Worth putting a deposit on one to get in the queue just incase its a cracker.
I was third to reserve one.
Earlier in June I reserved a model 3 and no idea where in the queue I ma for that.

EaglesPDX | 2016年11月19日

@tobysplanet "You can order one with a small deposit of £500 which is refundable right up to the point when it is time to spec your car."

Is that in UK for the Opel Ampera-E?

EaglesPDX | 2016年11月19日 mean the Jag i-Pace.

topher | 2016年11月20日

"it's going to be tough for any of the OEMs to compete with Tesla."

Right, but it will be easy to *cooperate* with Tesla.

"Dear Tesla,

Yes, thank you, we would love to join your supercharger network. We have made our cars compatible with your released patents. Here is a check for the first 1000 cars, to support the buildup of the network. We anticipate making 50,000 cars per year, so please include that in your plans. We'll talk later.



Tiebreaker | 2016年11月20日




Don't forget who is the boss. May have a different opinion...

jdanielp_uk | 2016年11月20日

I'm not overly keen on the design - it reminds me of the BMW i3 in particular in that both give the impression of having been designed to look like an electric car, whereas Tesla just designs an electric car to look like a car.

Jaguar recently joined the third season of the Formula E championship. They are the only team without points.

KP in NPT | 2016年11月20日

Jaguar makes some beautiful cars. This design doesn't do it for me, either. That said, the pictures of the prototype taken at the Auto Show and not part of the promotional pics out there looked better to me. I'll be anxious to see it in person.

Bill Korea | 2016年11月20日

Nice specifications in the I-Pace, but I read about the great aerodynamics attained by lowering the vehicle at higher speeds. If you care about aerodynamics, you start with a vehicle that's reasonably low, then you lower it further at high speeds, or you raise it up for going over the very rare obstacle. The road-going vehicle that sits needlessly high by default is for styling only - an appeal to the monster-truck-loving part of the reptilian brain.

Badbot | 2016年11月20日

The jag uses wet cells larger and heavier than other designs and I think can not produce the AMP output needed to compete with tesla

Red Sage ca us | 2016年11月21日

The Jaguar XE looks at least as good as the BMW 330e, and both look better than the BMW i3 or Chevrolet BOLT.

SamO | 2016年11月21日

And yet . . . The Jag is still a "weirdmobile".


P.S. Where's the charging Network?

topher | 2016年11月21日

"very rare obstacle. "

Must be nice.

Thank you kindly.