Solar roof

Solar roof

Looking for your thoughts on the solar roof - what are the expected benefits of a solar roof in the Model 3

SamO | 2016年11月23日

Never having to charge your car again from a plug. And . . . Now you'll never need to worry about Supercharging or even ever having to stop you car.

Two words: perpetual motion.


dsvick | 2016年11月23日

Public service message:

The previous post was intended for those with a functioning sarcasm meter. :)

For an actual discussion you could find any of the several previous posts, I'd post the most recent one (which is still showing on the main page) but I'm, of course, prevented from doing so ...

EaglesPDX | 2016年11月23日

Basically it can provide 2-4% of the cars power.

EaglesPDX | 2016年11月23日

There a thread on it already but the Tesla Forum thinks links to itself are spam.

akgolf | 2016年11月23日

LOL@TrumpEagles!!!! "There a thread on it already but the Tesla Forum thinks links to itself are spam."

This is your best work yet, everything you post is spam!

Are you going to lease an EV2 before GM recalls them?

jordanrichard | 2016年11月23日

TrinNY, who said the Model ≡ will have a solar roof?

SamO | 2016年11月23日

Just keep flagging the astroturfers and their ability to post bullshit is crunked.

Bighorn | 2016年11月23日
EaglesPDX | 2016年11月23日

@jordanrichard "who said the Model ≡ will have a solar roof?"

Elon Musk. This was after the Tesla Solar Roof launch when Tesla officially went into the PV glass business.

" Shortly after revealing Tesla's new solar roof, CEO Elon Musk announced that the same technology will be incorporated into the company's Model 3 car, expected for release in 2017.

While specifics haven't been revealed, the technology could be perfect for use as a car's windshield or roof as it could melt snow or defrost ice while still generating energy.

PaceyWhitter | 2016年11月23日

Windshield? Are you under the impression that the solar panels will be see through? That literally cannot work. Solar panels have to absorb light to convert it to electricity. Light cannot both be absorbed and be allowed to pass through material.

However, the heating element could be used in the windshield of they are truly invisible.

andy.connor.e | 2016年11月23日

Integrating solar cells into either the glass or the roof of the vehicle will not produce a significant amount of power to the amount of power being used. The capacity of the battery, and the energy expenditure per mile is too much to be negated or even be significantly reduced by incorporating solar into the vehicle. - Given current technology. The amount of money or resources invested in trying to incorporate solar into a vehicle will not produce a significant amount of electrical energy per hour for battery charging. Sorry.

dyefrog | 2016年11月23日

I didn't hear Elons statements of using the solar glass technology on the Model 3 to mean PV generation but more to the science behind the glass being stronger, lighter, embedded defrosting, etc being used on the Model 3.

jbusch2021 | 2016年11月23日

PaceyWhitter actually there have been advances in solar technology:

PaceyWhitter | 2016年11月23日

That is an interesting project. It would greatly reduce effecincy but it could be great for skyscraper windows down the road.

dsvick | 2016年11月23日

@Eagles - "There a thread on it already but the Tesla Forum thinks links to itself are spam"

Actually, the forum thinks most links are spam, along with random other posts with no discernable cause for flagging. :)

Frank99 | 2016年11月23日

E -
Now you're spreading the manure in another thread. Please provide a quote from Elon Musk stating that the M3 will have a PV roof, not an interpretation of what he said by some tech-challenged blog writer.

The only statements from Tesla and/or Elon have been about using the GLASS in the roof of the Model 3, not the PV cells. The GLASS has been engineered for strength and light weight, both of which are important for the Model 3. The PV Cells are opaque, making them a poor choice for windshield or rear window, or even the roof of the car.

If there's a PV option for the Model 3, I'll be ridiculously surprised. The amount of electricity you could generate from it would be far more cheaply and easily generated by putting an extra panel on your roof.

SamO | 2016年11月23日

If the deployable shield option is offered I'll take a long hard look.

BTW here's the transcrpt of Elon Musk on the solar car roof:

EM: I highly recommend the new all glass roof on the Model S. This was very hard to develop, but it makes the interior feel amazing.

John Gardi: Folks are misinterpreting your words about using in-house glass tech on Model 3, They think you'll embed solar panels in the roof!

EM: @John_Gardi We will probably offer that as an option

MacTech: @elonmusk @John_Gardi Would a solar roof car roof be super expensive?

EM: no

Andy O'Neal: @elonmusk @John_Gardi would there be much of a point? all day with solar panels the size of a car roof is only like 5 kWh right?

EM: unless we do a deployable solar shield like a retractable hard top

Frank99 | 2016年11月23日

The question is, is he being serious when he says "We will probably off that as an option"? I don't mean to denigrate Tesla's engineering expertise, but the retractable hard top seems so ridiculous as to be a joke; likely the option is also.

Frank99 | 2016年11月23日

GD it, "offer" not "off"

Badbot | 2016年11月23日

deployable solar shield like a retractable hard top, in testing the prototype deploying it used 9.4 days of the optimum power it produced.

How Many do you want?

EaglesPDX | 2016年11月23日

@andy.connor.e "Integrating solar cells into either the glass or the roof of the vehicle will not produce a significant amount of power to the amount of power being used"

2-5% are the estimates on amount of power generated by PV glass on the Tesla's roof.